Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Another Skippy One

Skippy has been pretty funny lately.

Tyler drives this:

It is a Crown Victoria. A grandma car. Literally. His grandma’s car. But this week I was driving it... and Skippy was sitting in the passenger seat, reading. C-R-O-W-N... Crown... VICTORIA!!! Mom, it says Crown Victoria! Yep, it does. Good reading, Skip. Mom? Were you named after this car? No, Skippy, I wasn’t. Another minute goes by. Mom, how did you get your name? My dad gave it to me. Your dad? You mean, my great-grandfather? No, Skippy. Your grandpa. You know... Grandpa Hamblin? Another minute of silence. Grandpa Hamblin is your dad? Yep. At this point, he gets very serious. I’m sorry, he says. (I am confused) Why are you sorry, Skip? You know... because your dad died! (Ah, he has put all the pieces into place...) But at least you have another dad. (Okay, maybe he hasn’t put all the pieces into place) Um, no, Skippy, I just had one dad. What about Grandpa McD? Oh, well, he is your dad’s dad. What? And Grandma McD? (and now we have liftoff).

Later that same day.

You know, Mom, you just never make any sense! (This, coming from the child who has been in speech therapy since he was two.) Okay, well maybe sometimes you make sense. But not this time.

Hey, Skip, your teacher said you are doing really well on your part in the Elephant’s Child play. Oh, yeah. I’m a giraffe. I’m really very good.


Garden of Egan said...

That is hilarious. Crown Victoria!

I love it.
You should have told him yes that the car was named after YOU!

Cherie said...

That is great Victoria! I love literally seeing that lightbullb pop on above kids heads. So funny!
I think next time you drive the car put on a tiara and really throw him for a loop! Ha ha

Hope you are doing great!


Shewinn8 said...

Did I ever tell you that I like your header?? Well I do! It is ultra chic. ;)

Gr8Life said...

I love those little conversation with the kids when you find out what's going on inside there little heads and you had no clue that they haven't been putting the pieces together. I found out last year from my kids that they didn't know I have parents. They thought there only grandparents were there Dad parents. They actually have meant my parents but they apparently didn't realize they were my parents & there grandparents. Funny kids!

Joe Wisniewski said...

Very sweet Vic. I can really picture that conversation. It really is cool when you see the lights of recognition in their face.

In a slightly more warped way, I remember when I was little, and if my friends wanted to tattle on me to my mom, they would call out "Mrs. Joey ... Joey is being mean to us."

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

I love it when they start reading and the world opens up to them. I remember for a few solid months after my oldest started reading it always surprised me how many times she'd read things and not understand the context. How often I'd have to then explain it. It's fun being a mom!