Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The One With the New Website

I have spent the last couple of weeks getting my Archangel Photography website up and running... go over and check it out, here:

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Head-Scratcher One

This one defies explanation. I work nights delivering about ten different kinds of newspapers. It is far more physically strenuous than I could have imagined. It is hours of bending, lifting, running, throwing... to be honest, I have been feeling pretty beaten up lately from doing it. I am trying to baby a knee as best I can, I had a black eye, and my hands just plain hurt all the time.

The last two nights have been particularly brutal due to pouring rain. Not only did I have to double-bag and seal every single paper, which added two HOURS onto the prep time before delivery, but then spent the whole rest of the night getting rained on. Now, granted, I have what they call at the warehouse a “cardio” route... two-thirds of the route is running up and down stairs and in and out of small buildings, rather than throwing from a car window. There are probably about 150 people who work in the warehouse. Predominantly men. They all dress warmly and comfortably. And then there is this woman:

Please, click on the photo to view it larger! Two nights in a row, now, I have noticed her ensemble as she pushes trolleys filled with hundreds of pounds of papers, and then presumably sets out on her delivery route. LOOK AT HER SHOES!!! Six-inch stilettos. And this, on the two of the rainiest nights ever! Someone please explain this to me!

Monday, March 5, 2012

The One That Needs Your Prayers

This is the Milne family.

They are completely amazing and even if they had perfectly ordinary children they would find ways to make life extraordinary. But they have exceptional children. Bela, in particular is a miracle. I remember when Avery was pregnant with Bela, and we heard that she had been diagnosed with a rare congenital heart condition. She was born on Leap Day... February 29th, 2008, despite the doctors’ prognosis that she would not even survive that long. She has hypoplastic left heart syndrome and Classic Turner Syndrome.

This is Bela! What a miracle she is.

Today Bela is undergoing what I believe is her third scheduled major open heart surgery. Her parents are waiting anxiously for details from a waiting room at the hospital. First, you should take an hour and read through some of Avery’s blog, here. I have known Avery since she was very small herself... and the revelation is that she has turned out to be the most amazing mother EVER. The thoughts and feelings and impressions she shares are honest, sometimes painful, and ultimately, so uplifting. Second, if you feel so inclined, say a prayer for this great family on such a trying day in their lives.

The One With the Couture Faux Pas

I love clothes. I will admit that I have spent more money on clothes in my life than I probably should have. I love how a beautifully cut garment can make your good features better and downplay less desirable ones. I love the way something that is just the right color and cut makes you feel beautiful. I will further admit that a $200 pair of jeans does actually make your butt look better than a $30 pair.

My personal philosophy on dressing is best expressed by the costume designer Edith Head, who won eight academy awards (more than any other designer). “Your dresses should be tight enough to show you’re a woman and loose enough to show you’re a lady.” Hear, hear, Edith!

Enter couture clothing designer Giambattista Valli. I happened to spot one of these designs on my Statcounter sidebar, and I was so very struck by its ugliness that I really couldn’t help following the link to see more. I know I am about to reveal my lack of sophistication.

This coat was the one that caught my eye:

There are so many things that I couldn't help but notice. First, that the shape was designed to be unflattering to virtually any size or shape of woman. Second, it is oddly constructed of different fabrics and trims that could have come from my grandma’s sewing reject cupboard. Thirdly, there is an odd crease down the front that makes it look like it has been folded in half for storage, and they didn’t have time to press it before the photo shoot. The last thing I noticed was only apparent when I actually clicked through to the Bergdorf Goodman website. This less-than-delectable creation can be yours for the bargain price of $4,690.00. Don’t all rush to their website at once, now...

And then I spotted another delightful addition to your wardrobe:

The perfect dress to go with your new jacket! And this little gem is only $3,716.00! Are you breast-less? Barrel-shaped? This one is for YOU! You don’t need to thank me. Thank Giambattista Valli.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

The One With the Nude Photos

Yep, I took my first nude photos today...

It’s one a.m. and I’m way too tired for anymore editing, but in a couple of days I’ll post some highlights. The best ones I took were of the three of them... mom, dad, baby T... and I learned a ton.

And I remembered how totally amazing babies are. Wow.

Friday, March 2, 2012

The One From Way Back

This is the photo that made me fall in love with photography. I took it nineteen years ago. Black and white film in a manual-focus Canon. I was trying so hard to get everyone to look at the camera and cooperate. I didn’t even know what lighting was. The baby had an ear infection and was really grumpy. When I opened the Rainbow Photo envelope, I pulled out the 36 prints and started sorting through them like a mad person. Did I capture that perfect shot?

And then I saw it. It wasn’t what I expected. But it was perfect. A metaphor for my life as a 28-year-old mom with five little boys. Messy and chaotic. Like my dad would have said, it was like herding cats... everyone going a different direction. And right in the middle of it, Kevin looking right at the camera, serene. It was a little bit of magic.

Do I miss the days of film cameras? NO. I LOVE my digital camera. I love being able to instantly see on my camera if my lighting is looking the way I want. I love not having to print my photo shoot in order to see if I got any great shots. I love being able to edit my photos digitally.

You would think that it would have taken me a lot less than 19 years to get to where I am with my photos. I need to spend more time learning about settings and the technical aspect of photography. But that photo 19 years ago was the beginning. It lit a creative fire that still burns to find those special shots... the ones that connect people. I’m doing my first newborn baby photo shoot this afternoon. I’m a little nervous because they have to be taken indoors and the lighting is going to be an issue. Posing will be a new challenge. Props... yikes. But I can’t wait. I love a challenge. Oh! And by next week my photography website will be up and running. I’ll keep you posted.