Monday, March 5, 2012

The One That Needs Your Prayers

This is the Milne family.

They are completely amazing and even if they had perfectly ordinary children they would find ways to make life extraordinary. But they have exceptional children. Bela, in particular is a miracle. I remember when Avery was pregnant with Bela, and we heard that she had been diagnosed with a rare congenital heart condition. She was born on Leap Day... February 29th, 2008, despite the doctors’ prognosis that she would not even survive that long. She has hypoplastic left heart syndrome and Classic Turner Syndrome.

This is Bela! What a miracle she is.

Today Bela is undergoing what I believe is her third scheduled major open heart surgery. Her parents are waiting anxiously for details from a waiting room at the hospital. First, you should take an hour and read through some of Avery’s blog, here. I have known Avery since she was very small herself... and the revelation is that she has turned out to be the most amazing mother EVER. The thoughts and feelings and impressions she shares are honest, sometimes painful, and ultimately, so uplifting. Second, if you feel so inclined, say a prayer for this great family on such a trying day in their lives.

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Garden of Egan said...

She's darling.
Prayers to their sweet family.