Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Useful One

Dillon is looking for a job. Just a summer job. The kid is only 17. It has long been DK’s dream that one of the boys would shoot for the stars and land a job at Quizno’s. For obvious reasons. So it got me to thinking. I have always thought that if you could pick careers for your kids, you should pick useful ones. You need one doctor. One mechanic. One dentist (preferably one that does orthodontia). But I have seven kids… and eventually they will all have spouses, right? I have something like 14 to pick out. So here is the master list.

1. Dishwasher
2. Cranberry bog worker (the outfit is super cool)
3. House painter
4. Pastry chef
5. Movie theater manager
6. Apple store employee
7. Owns a pickup (I know that’s not an occupation, but it is useful, bordering on vital)
8. Massage therapist
9. Piano tuner
10. Race car driver (in case you need to get somewhere fast)
11. Balloon animal maker
12. Beekeeper
13. Bail bondsperson
14. Hair colorist

And I guess I don’t care so much about the doctor, the dentist and the mechanic. We’ll get by.


Cherie said...

What a crack up! It would be great to pick our kids careers just like it would be great to pick some of their spouses - ha ha!

I'm with you on the housepainter, massage therapist, hair colorist and pastry chef!
I would also add Veterinarian, professional organizer, Chef, pedicurist!

Hope you are doing great Victoria!

Josh said...

I call race car driver and apple store employee. Jessi calls pickup truck owner.

Just ME the MOM said...

I have one son who makes dynamite Korean food, another who borders on Gourmet (I love to visit his house for dinner!), one daughter in law in a quilt maker and crocheter of many things, but I love the washcloths! My daughter married a painter (sadly he lives clear across the country!) I could really use a hairstylist, a pedicurist, an animal trainer and a landscaper, but I guess I should have more children :) LOL :)


Jamie said...

haha! love it! i'm saying all the time, between alan & my family, how did we not get a doctor, dentist or mechanic? too many accountants. :)

btw, wecome back. good to hear from you. :)

Jamie said...

i meant weLcome back. :)

Gr8Life said...

Bail Bondsperson? do you plan on getting in trouble???
I can see how useful it would be to have an Animal Balloon Maker in the family. I should have my kids start learning that, it should keep them busy this summer. I Love your list, glad your back!!!

Cindy said...

Love your list!Maybe we should do a barter.....! Haha!

Joe Wisniewski said...

the ones that are obviously missing: undertaker, Whole Foods employee, Disneyland employee, traffic cop, traffic judge, escort service (NO, not that, when we get old we will need escorts!), cable repair, pool cleaner, cell phone store manager

Amy said...

Welcome Back!

Massage therapist-CHECK got that one covered for you! Although I'm way to old to be one of your kids. You'd automatically have 3 (#4 due in Nov) more grandkids!

Loralee and the gang... said...

You ARE very practical! I love that...

Tyler said...

Don't forget you try to set us up with Girls to marry all the time... josh got out of that one and Casey is sittin pretty on that one.

Hannah Wickern said...

You need to add a bulldozer for your brick walls. I definitely agree with the hair colorist and Piano tuner, those would be amazing people in my book.