Saturday, March 5, 2011

The One That Took Forever

But it was totally worth it. I just finished this music video. It was a lot of work! We didn’t want to use stolen photos from the internet... so I had to take all the photos and edit them. I say I “had to” but it was really fun. I love the photos we used. The music took a long time, but I learned a lot of things about one of my new computer programs. I guess you could say that this video was a definitely learning experience. Let me know if you like it. (By the way, I think I made it so you can watch it full screen.)


Garden of Egan said...

Darn, I was unable to get it to play.
I'll keep trying.
Looks like a totally challenging project.

Kristin Klein said...

It worked fine for me - and was beautiful! Beautiful music, amazing photography, I can't believe you did all of it by yourself. What a job! But it turned out outstanding!