Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Long Overdue One

I admit, I have been a terrible blogger. Terrible at writing, terrible at reading. Just trying to fit too many things into too little time, I guess. I am carving out a little time for it, so I should get better from here on out. I’ll start things off with a video of an original song we wrote over at Archangel Records. We were faced one day with a decision... get frustrated because the people who were supposed to record didn’t show up, or make the most of our day and write a song. Garry sat down and wrote the first verse and chorus in about an hour, and we finished it within a couple more hours.

The challenging part about this was the video. We decided we didn’t want a photo slideshow... and we have never really done a real video before. So you must be forgiving of our first try. Shelley Johnson played cello (and allowed herself to be recorded for the video) on very short notice, Stephanie Anthony was kind enough to sing, and Lexi and Stephen were such good sports as to let us follow them around with some very amateur video attempts. Fun fact: Lexi and Stephen are INDEED in love, and are actually getting married on Saturday! So... enjoy. PLEASE feel free to repost on your own blog or Facebook page (let me know if you do... we love to hear about that!) and if you haven't “liked” our Facebook page, please please do! Oh, and by the way, this is in 1080 HD, so click to watch it BIG! :) Thank you thank you.

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