Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The One Where Her Bloggiversary Came... and Went

I have clearly been in need of a makeover... and I’m not just talking about the blog, here. I have let a few things slide. This is the least amount of sleep I have gotten since I had newborn babies... I guess my CD is aptly named. My deadline to finish all the music for the CD is Friday. I have every intention of making that, even if it means I let everything else go. I have been a pretty lame wife, mother, friend, primary teacher, housekeeper, laundress... and the list goes on. So four more days aren’t going to matter.

And I realized that my one-year mark for this blog... it came and went a couple of days ago. Ah, well... I will write something profound another day. I’ve got nothing. Not this week. This week I am wavering between tears (Oh! go listen to the song I just put up on the other blog, right here. Look at the painting, and read the words. I couldn’t even get through it without getting teary-eyed, and I wrote it!) and... anyway, wavering between tears and, well, a little bit of naughtiness... I keep thinking of interesting prank ideas. Today is DK’s birthday, and he is not a fan of pranks. So I will refrain. For today. But if, tomorrow, you find your shoes glued to the floor, or your Facebook hacked with a picture of a gigantic fat guy as your profile pic, or 5,000 plastic forks stuck in your front lawn... you will know it is just me, blowing off a little steam.

P.S. As for the blog, I know it really does need a makeover... the mp3 player doesn’t currently work, and next week when I have a little time, I will make it so you can listen to music on this blog again. For now, enjoy a little navidad over at “All About the Baby.” xo


Cherie said...

Victoria You have worked hard.
I know you will make it through this week and then I hope you get a bubble bath and a back rub and someone takes you out to dinner and pampers you.
Do your men clean?? hee hee
You are awesome!

Cindy said...

...and it will be all worth it!

Kathi Oram Peterson said...

You're awesome! I love your music. Hang in there. The week will soon be over.

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

I did the same thing! I can't believe the year came and went so quickly. That's just life these days, I'm very careful to never wish away another day, they go tooo quickly as it is.

I think a good practical joke is so much fun, but my husband takes it much better from someone else than from me. So I usually have to talk a friend or neighbor into being the prankster :)