Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Colorful One

Meet June. Flaming June. I really love her bold color (and I love me a good Sunday nap). I’m not a big fan of neutral. Although, funny story: this particular Lord Frederic Leighton painting of “Flaming June” is one I have long admired. A few years ago, I bought a huge print of it, and had a canvas transfer made. I thought it would add a splash of gorgeous orange to warm up a room. However, when I went in to have it framed, something that jumped out at me that I had not noticed in the small version. What the...? Something that made it impossible for me to hang in a houseful of boys. So I reluctantly sold it back to the art store. Call me squeamish, but I even Photoshopped it just the tiniest bit to post here.

I also love this one... Millais’ Ophelia.

Of course, Ophelia drowned, darn it anyway. But she certainly was beautiful in blue. *sigh*

It seems like lately I have been living in beige. Or maybe even seeing things from under water, like Ophelia. I need some bold color. Any great ideas? I hate being stuck in neutral.

write a new song
cook something spicy
see a nail-biting movie
lose 20 pounds
beat someone at basketball


almost anything would do.

Oh and by the way, I put links back up on the upper left of the blog, to some of the songs in the blog, in case you want to listen to any. I wrote them, and it just makes me happy if someone wants to listen to them once in awhile. All the links had expired, and at least ten... okay, fine, only four people... complained that they wanted them back. Oh grief, so one of them was related to me.

And you know me... I’m a giver. Give the people what they want.

P.S. Do NOT Google Flaming June to see what I edited out. That would be WRONG.


shelby said...

pazookie night sometime the 2nd week of may with katherine and i?

Victoria said...

Yes, Shelby, good plan. Losing 20 pounds is so pedestrian. Will you wear orange?

Joe Wisniewski said...

NOT wrong on the PS. yea, that's all you would need in a house full of boys. All their friends would all of sudden get really interested in art again.

Thanx for the post though. I am not usually into that much orange but it does have an allure.

sad but true said...


Garden of Egan said...

Those are beautiful.
So is your don coming to Rexburg?

Garden of Egan said...

Ok I am typing on my cell phone..... give me s break. I meant your son.

Carolyn said...

I love the orange one. So sad it went back. I am looking at my bare walls and want new art.

Just ME the MOM said...

Sorry - can't stand it - I'm just gonna have to Google . . .