Friday, January 14, 2011

The One With the New Zodiac

I’m bound to offend someone here. AGAIN. But have you heard the news? Yes, they have changed the astrological signs. If, like me, you were a Taurus, you are now an Aries! Let’s face it… you have been living a lie.

Martha Stewart had to get stitches in her lip yesterday after being bitten by her own dog. A Mrs. Bell from Roscommon, Michigan, completed her 14-foot rendition of “The Last Supper” made entirely from dryer lint. Her family is fearful that they will never have clean clothes ever again. Just this morning, a South Carolina man had to remove the dyed-pink male genital parts from the snowman in his front yard in order to avoid arrest. Burglars in Germany become stuck in an elevator while trying to reach a higher floor, and had to call the police for help. Clearly these people were suffering the effects of the wrong horoscope.

How many snowmen must be castrated before we stop the madness?


Cherie said...

I heard about the Zodiac signs - What the????
I am a Libra and I will always be a Libra - and and Republican!!

Natasha said...

Haha you were right.. great minds! Hope all if well for you and your family. I still continue to get comments on the photos you took for us :)

Garden of Egan said...

I didn't know the Zodiac signs had changed. I wondered why I was feeling grouchy.

Yikes about the dryer lint. Who in the world has that much time on their hands? Or that much space? I'm thinking "Hoarders!"