Saturday, July 27, 2013

The One With the.... Dress Shorts?

Add this to the list of things I probably will never understand. Unless.... no. Sorry, I’ve got nothing. (If anyone has an explanation, please do share.)

And while we’re at it... other things I don’t understand (in no particular order)

the Big Stacker at Jack in the Box... pickles, mustard and onion rings?
Why Anthony Wiener is running for mayor when his talents clearly lie in another direction
Why, if your last name was Wiener, you wouldn’t change your last name
Recumbent bikes
Why people still buy any kind of computer besides Apple
Hawaiian shirts (unless you’re Magnum, P.I.)
Why I needed Algebra II
How to tie a tie
Why race-walking and trampoline are olympic sports
Why I’m even awake right now. I need sleep. More later...


Kristin Klein said...

Hehehe - brings a smile to my face just thinking . . .


Gamal Fuad said...
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