Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The One Where She Flashed Bloody Gang Signs

Halloween hand modeling, or bloody gang signs? You can decide. Skin is an amazing thing. These are some of my burns, two weeks later. They look better every single day. The way bodies heal is pretty crazy. My right hand is almost totally healed (or scarred over? It kind of looks like a dog bite!) I hadn’t really felt like playing the piano in awhile, but it is funny how knowing that I couldn’t play for the last couple of weeks made me want to. So today I played around a little… I can use most of my fingers, and it turns out you don’t really need them all. So I’m putting up this little tune I played this morning, as a celebration. Let’s call it… Eight Fingers. (Click on the playlist to hear it)


Ivy said...

I would love to be able to play that well even with all of my fingers. You are very talented!

Fawn said...

So if I could have my way, I'd have a complete CD of piano solos by Victoria. Christmas, Spiritual, and original! So next time your bored and have ooodles of time on your hands...(without healing burns, thank you)...seriously.

Cherie said...

You are so talented!

Your hand looks awful. That just makes me feel like saying "ouch"!

It always seems like people who can play the piano well hurt their hands. Take care, you need them! :D

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

Ouch! I'm hurting for you, I think you could totally pull off the Halloween hand modeling thing. Scariest looking hands I've seen in a while;)

Hope they are soon once again all nice and nimble for that piano.


Sam said...

It is more like a diet aide.

The family said...

Oh no _ I KNOW this hurts so bad. I had no idea. If this is how its looking now - I can only imagine!