Friday, September 18, 2009

The One Where She Spills Her Guts

Okay, not literally. I don’t know if I have ever told you this, but I never throw up. Well, almost never. The amount of times I have thrown up in the last 35 years: One. Number of times I plan to throw up in the next 35 years: Zero. Just so we’re clear.

So figuratively speaking, here is what is going on in Victoria world.

1. Church. I am going to be teaching the 11-year-old girls, and doing their twice-monthly activity days. I think they realized that having someone who has made so many children cry teach the six-year-olds was probably a bad move. Despite the fact that I am a boy mom, to which Cambria can attest, as she has suffered the consequences for these twelve years, I think I can handle five 11-year-old girls, and we should get along swimmingly. Raising six sons has to prepare one for something. What is that something? I haven’t figured that out, yet.

2. Sing Noel. Sing Noel is a Christmas music program that our church hosts for the community the first weekend in December. It is sort of big. There is an adult choir of over a hundred, a young women’s choir and a children’s choir. I will be playing for the adult choir again this year, and the rehearsals begin the second week of October. Performances Dec. 5th and 6th. You’re all invited. That means I will actually have to practice.

3. Family. Casey is my Number Three Son (rankings determined by birth order, not by popularity), and he is currently serving a mission for our church in Texas. He is teaching about Jesus Christ to the Spanish-speaking population in the downtown Dallas area. He has also been teaching in ASL (American Sign Language), not for the first time during this two years. He told us that he had to say his first prayer in ASL on Sunday. He said it was “stressful, because everyone was looking at him.” He cracks me up. Ethan is my Number Four Son (again, determined by birth order… no offense intended) and he is currently stationed at Little Creek Amphibious Base near Norfolk, Virginia, attending the armed forces music school there. I mention sons #3 and #4 because it is their absence which leaves a hole in my family…which hole is going to be filled in December. We have had overlapping missionaries for the last five years, and so in that five years, I have not once had all of my family together. Casey finishes his two-year mission December 9th, and Ethan will be home for Christmas, making possible a kind of McDaniel family Perfect Storm. Am I a little excited? Yes!

4. Food. Yes, I have been eating. And cooking. And I have a new project. It is not more catering. I will not be catering again in 2009… unless someone with whom I share blood (or my bed) requires it. So what is the project? If you have downloaded any of the recipes I have posted in the last week, you will notice that I have changed the format. I have been going through all of my recipes and adding photos and tips. By the end of October I plan to have my seventy favorite recipes, complete with my own photos, so that I can print them into a recipe book. I have a friend who is getting married, and I hope it will make a very special wedding present. My current thought is to print them and put them in sheet protectors in a binder. I could actually print a bound book, but I kind of like the sheet protectors, since I tend to splatter everything in the kitchen. Thoughts or suggestions from my creative readers?

5. Music. I have jumped off the deep end, and started a project that I will complete by the second week of November. It is very, very exciting, and is going to require all of the time leftover from taking care of my family and completing numbers 1-4 above. I am not quite ready to announce it, but you can look for me to do so in the next ten days, and (hint) you will be able to pre-order said project.

6. Blog. In November my blog will see its first birthday. It will probably be due for a makeover. I have worn out “The One That…” and maybe the blog title as well. What do you think? Any great makeover suggestions?

7. Pets. I am going to buy Skippy a dog.

8. Just kidding on Number 7… sorry, Skip.


Carolyn said...

I think I am going to wholesale copy your idea here and do an update post too.

As for your new blogover make sure it's brilliant not just shiny.


Victoria said...

@Carolyn, yes, please do update. But you have to specify your throw-up count as well.

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

Stop, stop, stop already :) You're already Wonder Woman in my book, but I just continue to think that you are absolutely amazing. Gee - maybe you'll rub off on me :)

Love the recipe book idea - sounds wonderful - sign me up for your first copy!

Also - it will be heavenly I'm sure to have the family all together in one place. Yea!


Cherie said...

You have so much going on! It's great to be a busy mom but the thing I zoomed right in on is the fact that you will finally have your family together for the first time in years - THAT IS JUST FREAKIN' AWESOME (on a side note I usually do not use that word and make my son write lines if he says it so don't tell - hee hee - it just fits here!).
Good luck with your music project!

Cindy said...

I really like the sheet protector/binder format for the same idea.

And don't change the blog name. It's perfect!

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

Ha Victoria!

Only you can bring tears to my eyes and have me laughing at the same time. Thank you so much for the comments and I am on the edge of my seat in anticipation of Carolyn's Vegas Wedding story!

Kathi Oram Peterson said...

Wow! You are a busy lady! What a great idea to do with your recipes. Another thing to put on my to-do list. Just thought I'd let you know that I blogged about making your "magic" bread ( and referred my readers to come to your site for the recipe. I just got another batch out of the oven. It truly is magic bread.

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

Can we purchase said recipe book to have as our very own? I can't wait to purchase a little something else too!! Oooh I'm so excited.

The Perfect Storm is coming to your house! That is exciting. I was just talking with my sister in law about that. My youngest bro-in-law came home about 5 years ago and other than this last weekend I think that was the last time we were all together in the same place for a few days. (There are 8 kids in my inlaws family.) That is something worthy of a countdown for sure!