Monday, October 12, 2009

The one where her account was hacked by a friend....

Not really, but I thought this would be a funny lead in.

Its great to be here at The Welcome Mat! I have known Victoria since she swipped the highly coveted slingshot monkeys from me over on Della's blog. I fell in love with her right away and soon after we found out we have about 8 young, handsome men in common. NOoooo - not what you are thinking we both seem to be the mission moms in our respectable wards and since we are in the same district we share alot of the same Elders. I love The Welcome Mat and have since the moment I have happened upon it. Sometimes, I have to admit, I have come JUST to hear the music! SO to make a long story short - it's great to be on this side of the mat!Thanks for the invite Victoria!

For my first post, I will actually repost one of my favorite posts for your reading enjoyment!

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Okay so this here is my theory. Just mine. You might think differently and that is really okay. Remember theories are meant to be proven or disproven with time and application. Now where was I?

I think bumper stickers can tell alot about a person.
Yes, not just the usual they belong to the national rifle association or do they have AAA , whom they are voting for but soooo much more.

If you have.....

0 bumper stickers - You are boring. Now don't go taking offense here. I am boring also.Remember this is just my theory.

1 bumper stickers - You stand for something. You either believe in a candidates stand on something, want to save a rainforest or have an opinion.

2 bumper stickers - This is where the gray area slowly begins to seep in. You have many opinions ( and sometimes weird ideas on life) and want to share them with everyone on the road.

3 bumper stickers - You , my friend are walking the line of being freaky. A little scary almost. If you added one more you could be considered a suburban redneck. Cmon, really why is it necessary to know that you "flick you boogers" ?

4 bumper stickers- Oh dear. Maybe professional counseling might be a good step in the right direction. Again this is my theory. Please, comment and help me to prove or disprove it. I just think that when you start having 4 or more stickers you might have a lug nut not fastened properly.

When ya got more stickers than bumper - Okay, first, don't go getting all obnoxious when you walk into the school parking lot and find someone using her cell phone to zoom in on your bumper( while her toddler runs around her SUV). And further....when she nicely tries to dance round the question of why she is taking pictures you really shouldn't start haulin off pushing at her. Seriously, you might really have a few things you need to work out and maybe the purely innocent bloggers of the world are not the place to begin.


JUST ME, THE MOM said...

Fun post!! Sadly I fall into the 0 bumper sticker category - boring for sure. Actually I hate to tarnish up the bumper with the sticky goo - but if I were to wear a bumper sticker it could be . . . Guide dogs for the Blind, Currently Empty Nesting, I Delivery on the Night Shift (you'll have to check my profile on that one ;)


linds said...

are you sure that isnt your car? LOL. jk. I used to have a bumper sticker. just a small one. then i got a new car and decided to go without it. now i am boring but also under the radar.

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

You gotta learn to take pictures on the sly. Although then you may look a bit more suspicious and get in more trouble. Haha fun post Pikes Pickles!

Victoria said...

Haha! I have two... but I don't think I am in the gray area... they are more like souvenirs... one from Yellowstone, and one from Glacier. What about those people who have figures that represent each the people and pets in their family? Do each of those count as a bumper sticker... OR maybe do you think that says something else entirely about them, that may be rather sinister in and of itself???

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

Oh Victoria . . . when you catch up on your sleep and things settle down a bit, come on by my place and pick up an award I've left for you!


The family said...

(Pikes Pickles here) Ehhh- since writing that post I have realized that I am actually a closet lunatic. I have found so many noteworthy bumper stickers but since this post is out in cyberland, I am afraid to put them on as I would be committed instantly for a little rehab. LOL.
Thanks for letting me hang out at the Welcome Matt.

Anonymous said...

i need a bumper sticker.... i dont even have one!

Carolyn said...

Just one for me, and it's not even a sticker...just a magnetic puzzle piece saying I support autism research.

Cute post.3

Emmy said...

I am a zero bumper sticker girl.. I definitely have my opinions but I just like my car to look good. I like your theory though.
Did she seriously start pushing you??

The family said...

@ Emmy - Yes she was soooo mad and I was trying to think quick because telling her I was going to put it on my blog was the wrong answer so I made up some story about liking her bumper sticker and then giggled like a fool.

Pretty much - it was a bad day.

Cherie said...

This is so funny!!
I hope I don't offend anyone here but when I was growing up my dad always noticed that the most piece of C _ _P car always had the most bumper stickers - I mean he would point out this gross, falling apart car and the whole thing would be covered with bumper stickers - mostly about Jesus. "Jesus Saves", the fish symbol, etc...He always thought they should pray instead.

I think that made me anti-bumper sticker. I have "0" :D