Saturday, October 3, 2009

The One Where it Was Too Hot For Soup

I am dreaming... of fall.

I know it is supposed to already be fall and everything. In fact, I have heard wild rumors of snow in Utah county. But I will tell you that Southern California is not cooperating. We had a little cool weather last week, that lured my liquidambar tree in the front yard.. the only indication of changing seasons for miles around... into beginning its autumn metamorphosis. And just as quickly, some Santa Ana winds showed up, along with a nasty dry heatwave, and now the leaves are baking on the tree instead of turning red and orange. I don’t really appreciate that sort of behavior in October.

And today I had a request for this recipe. Taco Soup. It is a great one for the cool weather. Which, as previously stated, I am not having.

But I did make crepes this morning...

Crêpes. They are good food for watching LDS General Conference on TV. They are good for summer. Spring. Fall. Winter. I have tried, but I just can’t think of a down-side for crepes. Make them.

P.S. This new blog background... totally ME, or WHAT???


Carolyn said...

We have crepes on Christmas morning. I love to make them, but how do you keep up with demand? I stand there and make them for hours just for 6 or 8 people. They just keep eating, and eating, and eating.

That's why I don't do them more than once every month or so.

Totally other topic. I love the photo of you. The blue wallpaper? in the background is divine.

Cherie said...

It sounds really good to me :D
We were in the 90's that felt like it would never end - On Monday it was 90 and then all of a sudden...BAM it has been 55. So I was excited and made homemade soups 2 x this week. My oldest son who eats 3 dinners a night told me "Mom you need to make more than soup, salad and rolls - I NEED FOOD!". Made me laugh.
I guess I will be making a roast with my soups from now on - LOL!

Here's wishing you a few cold days to enjoy your Taco Soup!

Sam said...

I think you need more pictures of yourself on this blog. THERE SIMPLY AREN'T ENOUGH.

Okay, flame me.

Ivy said...

I'm also dreaming of fall. Of a fall that lasts longer than a couple of weeks. We had a beautiful starting a couple of weeks ago. This morning we have at least 3 inches of heavy wet snow. As I was taking the kids to school this morning we had branchs weighed heavy with snow hitting our pickup and the ones that had broken and were in the street made like a sort of maze that we drove through. My daughter said, "We have branches falling instead of leaves."
What a funny girl. She gets it from her mom.

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

Just stopping by to say "Ahhhh . . . Thank you" for the wonderful compliment. I love the new look around here, soooo festive, intriguing, and spooky :)


Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

Ok, tell me honestly. Are crepes hard to make? Although who am I kidding you're like the queen of the kitchen!

Victoria said...

@Debbie... the easy answer is NO. They are not hard. The more complicated answer is that until you get the hang of it, they can tend to be a little thicker than the light, airy thin confections that they ought to be. I always have to use the corner of a spatula to loosen mine, too... I don't have much luck with rapping them on the stove. But no, your first three or four may not look like much. Put some butter and powdered sugar on them and eat them... QUICK! before anyone sees them. By the fourth one, they will start looking right.

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

Taco Soup and Crepes are certainly staples around here. They are both so impressive to make, yet soooo easy! I love your recipes, they give me some good ideas!