Thursday, February 18, 2010

The One Where She Got Caught. Twice.

Today, I answer the all-important question: Is there really any bad time to eat a root beer float? I won’t sport with you here: YES. The answer is yes.

This morning I discussed healthy eating with Cambria, and then we worked out what her exercise for the morning would be. I let her eat a healthy, low-fat breakfast of cereal and milk, and then she went to get her walking shoes on. That was when it happened.

I spotted the root beer from across the room. I knew there was ice cream in the freezer. I have been trying not to eat a lot of sugar, and on the top of the no-no list is soda. I love soda. I love the fizz… I love Sprite with Mexican food. I love root beer with pizza. Dr. Pepper any old time. Love love love. But I don’t buy much soda, and I try to limit myself to an occasional sugar-free one as a treat. Be that as it may… there was that A and W... winking at me, I swear it.

In theory, I don’t have a big problem with root beer floats for breakfast. It’s dairy, right? I thought to myself, I will just wait until Cambria leaves before I have a root beer float for breakfast. I mean, how bad of a mom gives her daughter the health lecture and then eats a root beer float in front of her. All I have to do is wait ten minutes. But no. I couldn’t wait a whole ten minutes. I thought, I will just make it really quick while she gets on her shoes. She will head out the front door and won’t even see me. So just as I was taking the first bite, Cambria walked in to fill her water bottle. Oops. Caught!

As nonchalantly as I could manage, I walked into the backyard to sit in the sun and eat my float. Don’t judge me. And that could have been the end of the story. But no. I finished eating that root beer float, and I thought to myself, there was just enough root beer and ice cream left for another. Cam was nearly five minutes’ gone. So just as I was pouring and slurping foam on root beer float number two, Cambria popped back in to grab the ipod shuffle. Caught. Again!

I know what you’re wondering… what am I planning for lunch, right? A whole cheesecake? A batch of cookie dough? I’m open to suggestions.


Just ME the MOM said...

Give up the guilt Victoria - I have - LOL :)

I have no qualms about eating cheesecake, cookie dough for any meal - totally without conscious.


Kathi Oram Peterson said...

I use to wait for the kids to go to school to have a piece of chocolate cake. Okay, there's eggs, milk, flour, and chocolate all good for you. So go ahead and have a root beer float. I've got your back. ;)

Cherie said...

My Motto is: "I can do things whatever I want!!" Ha ha Long story to that one but it fits here.

Woman after my own heart - I confess I have done this type of thing on many occasions - trying to hide it from my kids or husband.

Last night I woke up at 3:30 in the morning and couldn't sleep. I went out to the couch and while laying there started thinking that something sweet would taste good...Oh Yes - I DID eat raw cookied dough in the middle of the night!!

Cindy said...

Oh yeah. How I know. It's ME who's been eating all YOUR toffee.....when I think no one is looking.....

Amy said...

i have a similar discussion with my 5 year old daugther, she just wants to eat ALL THE TIME! I tell her "you have to ask yourself if you're truly hungry and not just bored" then when she leaves the room, I have another cookie bar.
I guess I just dont want her to grow up and have the food problems I have. At least I work out 6 days a week, I always think I could lose this last 15 lbs from my last baby quicker. (he's almost 2)

Amy said...

(i should finish my thought before I hit enter,)
if I would just eat better.
I can feed my kids a huge lunch then 30 minutes later they say "can i have a snack?"

Brooke and Aaron said...

That's hilarious. Glad I'm not alone on this. I just never know what to say when the kids catch me. What did Cambria say to you?