Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The One Where He Almost Got to Stay Home

Skippy, time to get up, buddy.

Who is home?

Just you and I.

Where is Casey?

With Edo.


Just left for Catalina.

It is just you and me?


Well, I could sleep for just one day, and go to school the other days.

You better go to school, Skip…

We could have popcorn…

Hmm, that is true. We could have popcorn.


Cherie said...

Oh man that is so sweet! Did you let him stay home? I totally would have :D

Carolyn said...

I have such a hard time making them go. Cause I really need someone to talk to all day.

Shewinn8 said...

That so sounds like my little one and me. loved it! I also agree with your comment on being in the moment photography wise. I only take my "real" camera when it won't interfere with the moment. For things like Disney I just tuck in my pocket sized Canon. Even then I tend to take pictures that are in the slower moments and not your typical touristy type pictures. In fact my family teases me because I run from ride to ride and mock all of the people stopping for photos. They are always telling me to slow down. lol The camera usually comes out when we are standing in lines with nothing to do. It's funny though because without my pictures I feel like things didn't really happen. I think that it is partly due to my somewhat faulty memory. I have a real obsession with documenting my families lives. It is like breathing to me. My sister on the other hand never takes pictures and couldn't fill one photo album if she had to. She is however a really good watercolor artist. Same dna totally different approach. lol