Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The One That Fell Flat

So I learned something this week. Substituting bulgur wheat for regular whole wheat in my bread recipe does not work. Dillon made a batch of bread with it a few days ago, which turned out flat and lumpy. So a couple of days ago, I tried it. The dough was the consistency of Play-Dough and I knew it was not going to turn out well. So yesterday, being out of the nice soft white wheat I most like to bake with, I went ahead and made a batch of white bread. You can see my bulgur wheat effort, next to the perfect white loaf.

Apparently bulgur wheat has been parboiled and dried. I’m not sure how that affects the bread, but I did notice that there was no elasticity to the dough... the gluten did not develop as it kneaded. Oh well, you live and learn. I let Skippy give away a loaf to a neighbor family (the good batch, not the short lumpy one) and he said, “Mrs. Keely says she has never ever had homemade bread before.” And then this morning I got a text from Cambria’s seminary teacher, asking me to bring a treat. I offered cinnamon rolls or homemade bread with honey butter, and the immediate response was homemade bread! So much easier. So I’ll be making another batch today.

If you haven’t tried my go-to bread recipe, you should. It is seriously the easiest bread to make. Here is the recipe, which I haven’t posted in awhile... and I happen to think that the loaf pans make a huge difference, and I use the 1-lb. size of these:

Magic Loaf Pans

Victoria’s Six-Minute Magic Bread


Cindy said...

My favorite bread pans as well. Also WS has my favorite round and square cake pans in the gold touch too. LOVE these pans. A little pricey, but worth every penny. The results show.

corinneandmatt said...

I have only purchased bread a handful of times since you gave me this recipe almost 4 years ago! I love it and have shared it many times!

Kristin said...

Ahhh . . .. thank you for the recipe!! I am going to be so inspired by your post in a couple days :) I've been longing to make bread FOREVER! Used to make it so frequently. I'd love to try your new recipe :)