Monday, December 8, 2008

The One Where He Grew Up

This little song that I wrote, "Did You Know?" is so simple that kids seem to pick it up after only hearing it one time. That is part of what I love about it. The other thing I love is that it talks about Jesus, the grown man, not just the baby. I love the Savior and everything he has done for each of us. That is the true gift of Christmas. In the tradition of giving, I hope you enjoy this little Christmas gift from me to you. Vocals courtesy of Garry Pfile.

Did You Know?

Did you know when Jesus was a baby
That His mother laid him in the hay?
Did you know He slept among the oxen,
Safe and warm until the break of day?
Did you know He was the promised Savior,
Born to bring us love and show the way.

Did you know that Jesus was a shepherd,
That His lambs were people just like me?
Did you know that Jesus blessed the children?
Did you know He held them one by one?'
Did you know that Jesus came to save us?
Did you know that He was God's own son?

Did you know that Jesus healed the blind man?
Did you know He made the lame to walk?
Did you know He walked upon the water?
Did you know He calmed the troubled sea?
Did you know that Jesus loved the children?
That is how I know that He loves me...
That is how I know that He loves me.


Lisa said...

There is something about this song that makes me think I have heard it all great songs do.

why is that?

Anyway, thanks for this one. Cam sang it for me at Follow the Star. Allie sang it at Syd's baptism and I do love it. It is a Christmas song but more. It is a Christ-song.

Lisa--aka The Gardenweasel said...

Thanks for putting the words in there. I enjoy reading them.

Last night, Allie was studying science while I was working on the school paper. She and I were listening to your music. It was so cool to see her study and know most of the words to your songs. I have to read them but she knew them!

good work, kid!, sexy Vic

shrinkingme said...

Victoria, you are so talented! I listened to several of your songs today and they are incredible. Thank you so much for being willing to share them with all of us!

Lisa--aka The Gardenweasel said...

love the new skin.
I almost typed newskin which reminded me of NuSkin and really, who needs to be reminded of a Utah-based pyramid scheme at Christmas?

Victoria said...

Actually... I'm sure that Nuskin has some perfect stocking stuffers. Nothing as super duper mind-blowing as screaming slingshot monkeys...but then, what can compete with my monkeys? (thanks again, Della)

Lisa--aka The Gardenweasel said...

I guess I am just jealous that I do not have a super duper screaming slingshot monkey.

not a one...

not even a non-screaming of slingfree one!

Janna Bell said...

I just noticed the link to all these songs. What a great suprise to be able to listen to my brother sing this song!

Queen B said...

I was recently introduced to your music through a friend and decided to look you up online. I am so glad to see and hear the work that you have been doing! Thanks for sharing your talent and heart. I especially love this song. Thank you!

Whitters said...

how would i go about getting one of your cd's?