Friday, December 5, 2008

The One Where Joseph Was Missing

I let Skippy set up this little nativity set. It was a good choice, as it seems fairly indestructible. Unfortunately, as I came to the bottom of the box, unwrapping and handing him each figure as I went, it became apparent that there was a missing figure: Joseph. Even the other nativity participants seem a little dismayed...just look at their facial expressions!

I have always been fascinated by Joseph. What would happen if Joseph really was missing? Where would Mary and Jesus have been without him? It wasn't an easy role he had to play. I am sure it wasn't exactly what he thought he was signing up for when he made plans to wed Mary. And yet he went on to personify grace under pressure. He must have really loved Mary, and he must have really loved the Lord, to respond to the call he was given and to protect them with all that he had. Don't you just love Joseph, when you think about that? I do. I wrote this song to be sung from Joseph's perspective. I apologize that it is about the worst recording I was recorded live at a Christmas concert, and although you can hear vocalist Ric Starnes quite well, the piano sort of fades out. There is a fair amount of audience noise as well. But perhaps you can overlook that and just hear the spirit of the song.

Joseph’s Song

In a thousand anxious moments
I have seen this very night
I’ve imagined how I’d feel now
And I’ve wished with all my might
That I’d know you when I saw you
And I’d love you as my own
Though you’re God’s son born to save us
You’ll be mine until you’re grown.

In this city full of strangers
There is no place left to stay
But a stable meant for cattle
And a manger full of hay.
Not a place I would have chosen
For your long awaited birth,
But it’s quiet and it’s safe here
As we welcome you to earth.

Lay your soft head on my shoulder
Sleep until the night is done.
Hear my song and feel my heart beat,
You’re my little baby son.

I have seen how in an instant
Things can change like night to day.
From the moment you arrived
Life transformed for me that way.
When I held you for the first time,
Angels sang and shouted praise.
Then a new star burst from heaven
Bathing earth with silver rays.

When I gazed then at your mother
My heart swelled; tears filled my eyes
For her beauty burned like fire
As she smiled and soothed your cries.
In the glory of that evening
I fell on my knees to pray
Thanks to God for my sweet family
And this Savior come to stay.

Lay your soft head on my shoulder
Sleep until the night is done.
Hear my song and feel my heart beat,
You’re my little baby son.

Lay your soft head on my shoulder
Sleep until the night is done.
Hear my song and feel my heart beat,
You’re my little Jesus son.


Lisa said...

LOVE the song and I love their faces.

but....ADD THE WORDS TO THE SONG ya ding dong.

Victoria said...

I'm not a ding dong! I don't have the words written out... I'll do them later tonight.

Lisa said...

What! I want you to do as I command, instantaneously!

I'll miss you all at the ward party. Enjoy the Costco ham without me.

Victoria said...

That was Costco... it was soooo delicious...who knew? :)

Oh, always, your wish is my command. I love these words. They remind me of holding my newborn babies. So yummy.

~ Jamie ~ said...

Thanks for the good cry this morning. Beautiful song! It was nice to read the words with the song. It reminded me of how I feel when I hold my know, the things you think about when you hold them. Loved it!

~ Jamie ~ said...

ha, ha...just read the comments. I guess we think alike...scary. :)

Lisa said...

It made me think of eating ham.

Lisa said...

or going to a funeral...

oh, the song! It makes me thinking how great babies smell and how could Mary even sleep--I couldn't sleep for days just looking at the babies.

but the ward party made me think of ham....and funeral potatoes--which I do love. I want them at my funeral, with bagpipes, and the funniest casket you can find.

Allie said...

Maybe we could eat fish tacos at my funeral, too.....nah, just have the In-and-out truck and everyone better NOT wear dresses.

You've heard my wishes.....

and everyone should wear all-stars and Victoria has to write me a song that will make everyone cry and think I was awesome.

Lisa said...


how creepy! I just posted the other comment

Lisa said...

i'm bored. Someone save me from myself or I might start overeating...


Lisa said...

Okay, fast sunday rocked!.....there was one downpoint in the middle but good. how was YW Vic? Where is the new song posting?

Victoria said...

Oh my goodness! You have to give me a couple of days to get this song ready. I'm working on it.

Vicky and Desiree said...

where are you?