Saturday, January 10, 2009

The One With Brown Paper Packages

This one is maybe a little random, but my last post was about something I dislike, and I hate to be negative all the time, so I thought I would make a favorites list. I had to leave out most of the obvious ones. I mean, of course I like going out to eat. I like newborn babies. I like finding money in the pockets of clothes I haven't worn in awhile... but who doesn't? I tried to think of the ones you might not know. So...

These are a few of my favorite things:

Bossing people around (in a nice way of course) Okay. So you probably knew that one.
Cinnamon Red-hots
Sleeping with the lights and the TV on
Washing clothes (but not folding them or putting them away)
New York City
Painting a room. But only for the first hour. After that, not so much
Simultaneously chatting with three people on Facebook
Tang (yup, the official beverage of astronauts)
Reading a long-awaited sequel to a really good book
Being alone in my house (I think…I can't actually remember the last time it happened)
Cooking for someone I really love
Cooking for someone I like, who really loves food (even better!)
Staying in a nice hotel
Drinking Sprite with Mexican food
Long conversations late at night (but definitely in person, not on the phone)
Going to movies by myself, with really awesome candy
Driving fast
Letters from friends
Los Angeles Times Crossword Puzzles, with a freshly-sharpened pencil
Anything to do with Valentine’s Day
Childbirth (physical discomfort aside, it is the ultimate rush)
Camping in the mountains, with boys to set up the tents
Going to Cheesecake Factory and ordering nothing but appetizers
Shooting baskets with my kids

I could go on all day. It's all good...isn't it?


~ Jamie ~ said...

I REALLY love your cooking...and I think you like me...hint, hint. Hey, I'm just trying to help you do one of your favorite things. :)

J1 and J2 said...

So do you really go to the movies by yourself? I have never done that before. Also, do you cheat and use the internet when you are doing crosswords? I do, but I don't think it's actually cheating because it still seems to be pretty hard even with the internet.
p.s. Today I sent off applications to UCLA, U of Georgia, and Northwestern (I got fee waivers for those applications which was pretty nice).

J1 and J2 said...


Dog bites, bee stings, and feeling sad are a few of my favorite things.

Lisa--aka The Gardenweasel said...

a new tube of toothpaste, gas guzzling muscle cars, the word "crest," listening to Allie sing and play the guitar, the day it is socially acceptable to wear pants to church, sleeping in, movies that make me cry, fish tacos, diet coke for breakfast, waking up in my mom and dad's house, find a series of books that I love and has already been written (no waiting!), converse all-stars, homemade bread, secret acts of service, playing RockBand, sitting on a padded pew at church, the bbq salad at Wood Ranch, tzatziki, great conversation, new baby smell, new car smell, clean cars (especially the inside windshield), carpool friends, college football, my favorite blanket, and a good blog entry.

Lisa--aka The Gardenweasel said...

Oh, and I like:

reading your blog and Kevin's reading today in SS.