Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The One Where Batman Changed His Status

Do you Facebook? If you don't, then you totally won't get this. It is a review of “Dark Knight” done entirely in Facebook “language.” It is just my twisted humor...manufactured for the roadshow I'm working on. Don’t know what a roadshow is? You are not alone. I checked Wikipedia for a good definition...but they’ve got nothing. Think 15-minute long skit/musical presentation performed by LDS youth from ages 12-18. And believe me...they ALL speak Facebook.

Joining us in-studio are Facebook correspondents Shelby and Ethan, who are reviewing the DVD of “The Dark Knight,” starring Christian Bale.

Ethan: Ethan has updated his status: Ethan is: man, that movie was tight…

Shelby: Shelby commented on Ethan’s status. “Too dark for me…”


Add Bruce Wayne as a friend? (You have three friends in common). How do you know Bruce Wayne? Skip this step? Check Bruce Wayne’s status.

Bruce Wayne has a headache and can barely function. LOL... JK.

Bruce Wayne is now friends with Rachel Dawes.

The Joker is new to Facebook. Suggest friends for The Joker?

Rachel Dawes has updated her status: Rachel is what the heck? I am so confused. (six hours ago)

Rachel is in a relationship with Harvey Dent.

Rachel has joined the group “The Group for People Who Don’t Acknowledge Batman as a Superhero.”

Harvey Dent has commented on Rachel Dawes status. “Don’t be confused, Rachel. Marry me. Tell me this isn’t about Bruce Wayne...”

Rachel Dawes has commented on her own status. “I’m just thinking things over.”

The Joker has added photos. Ethan commented on Joker’s photo. “Nice makeup, man.”

Shelby wrote on Ethan’s wall. “Did you see the pencil thing? That guy is seriously creepy.”

Harvey Dent has updated his profile picture and status. (13 minutes ago). Harvey has joined the Gotham City H.S. Network. Are you Harvey’s classmate?

Harvey took the quiz, “Which superhero sidekick are you?” Harvey is Robin. Grrr.

Harvey wrote on his Superwall, “Harvey IS Batman.”

Rachel Dawes wrote on Bruce Wayne’s wall.

See Wall to Wall. Rachel: “How can you let him take the fall for you?” Bruce: “Maybe Batman is a little more important than you or me, and maybe Dent knows that.” Rachel: “I’m sorry you see it that way.”

Rachel Dawes has removed Bruce Wayne from her friend list. Recommend friends for Bruce Wayne?

Bruce Wayne wrote on Joker’s wall. “Your reign of terror is over.” See Wall to Wall. Joker:
:)LOL. Bruce Wayne: I’m coming for you. Joker: But not right now, because right now, you have a choice to make. The gf or pretty boy Dent.

Bruce Wayne has updated his status: “Bruce is going very fast in the batcar.” (six minutes ago)

The Joker has updated his status: “The Joker is in jail. For now. Muahaha! (about 90 seconds ago)

Rachel Dawes has updated her status: “Rachel is in a warehouse strapped to explosives.”

Harvey Dent has updated his status: “
Harvey is in a warehouse strapped to explosives.”

Wall to wall between Harvey Dent and Rachel Dawes: Harvey: Don’t worry. They’ll come for you. Rachel: But in case they don’t, I have to tell you something. Harvey: Don’t say it. They’re coming for you! Rachel: Harvey, I have made up my mind. The answer is yes! I will marry you.

Rachel Dawes is engaged to Harvey Dent.

Bruce Wayne has updated his status. “Bruce is making the wrong decision.”

Harvey Dent has updated his status. “Harvey is what happened? I just lost half my face!”
Harvey wrote on Rachel Dawes’ wall. “Rachel? ... Rachel?”

Harvey Dent is now listed as single.

Rachel Dawes is no longer online.

Bruce Wayne has changed his status. Bruce Wayne is going Jack Bauer on The Joker and Harvey Dent.

Commissioner Gordon wrote on Bruce Wayne’s wall. “You saved my son. But what did you just do to Harvey Dent?

Harvey Dent is no longer online.

Wall to wall between Commissioner Gordon and Bruce Wayne. Bruce: Gotham City needs a hero, and I’m not it. Commissioner: Run, Bruce, run!

Shelby changed her status: Shelby is: OMG that was so sad.

Ethan: Ethan changed his status: Ethan is bored. Let’s watch it again. Ethan IS batman.

Shelby: Shelby changed her status: Shelby is: It is late and I have seminary tomorrow. Gooooooooodniiiiiiiiight!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ethan is no longer online.
Shelby is no longer online.


The family said...

VERY, VERY funny - Now you'll have to add me as a friend.

LOL !?!

Victoria said...

Oh GOOD! Somebody got it...I should have known it would be you, since you *heart* facebook... did you see the little hearts in my post???

shelby said...

hahahahahaahahahhahahaha oh my goodness...hahahahaha

Lisa--aka The Gardenweasel said...

I still laugh!

Steve said...

You are one talented lady is all I have to say...

Christa Jeanne said...

LoL, that was hilarious! Well done!

Erika said...

No one in the Hollywood community could of come up with that. Hysterical!

Della Hill said...

I totally got it.
Very funny.

shrinkingme said...


Tyler said...

That is a little scary that you know all of the facebook lingo. It is more scary that i know where to make corrections. Lol.

Angela said that she really liked it.