Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The One With the Secret Ingredient

I have bangs today. Random, right? I just thought I would share.

So on to the real subject of the post. I have read on Carolyn’s blog that duck eggs make practically anything you cook with them magic. But yesterday I found out firsthand, when a package arrived from Virginia. Did I mention how much I adore receiving letters or packages addressed to me? Inside were a couple dozen chocolate chip cookies. I bit into the first one, expecting that, having traversed the continental U.S., it might be a little crumbly or crisp. No. Perfectly soft, melt-in-my-mouth, and tasting as though it was still slightly warm from the oven, as the box had been sitting on my front porch for a few minutes.

Carolyn is one of my close friends. No, I have never met her. In fact, lately I have noticed that many of my friends are people I have never met in person. I could give you a list. (Sounds pathetic, doesn’t it? Like, “No... really, I swear I have friends...”) But maybe my list of friends I have never met begs the question… is it easier to like me if we haven’t met? I hope that is not true. I am working on the skill of sugar-coating things a little better. But really, isn’t it fascinating how one can reach out across thousands of miles and find a kindred spirit?

As for the duck eggs, I have never tasted one before now. Carolyn rescues them from menacing ravens, and then bakes them into cookies, with love as her secret, magical ingredient. I know, because I read the post where she made them. Love as a secret ingredient is a powerful thing. Carolyn clearly has it down. I throw a little love into my food as well, but it is not my secret ingredient in everything I make. Have I ever told you what is? You have to guess. If you guess correctly, then you can come over to my house, have a seat in my kitchen, and I will make you something. If you live too far away, then you will have to use your imagination. Or maybe you will ask some other favor… the answer to some obscure question… a handwritten letter… whatever. So, secret ingredient. Hmm... what could it be?


Della Hill said...

I'm going to guess that your secret ingredient is vanilla.
My secret ingredient is cilantro.
Okay, I haven't actually tried it in that many things, but everything I have tried it in so far has been awesome.

Lisa--aka The Gardenweasel said...

pepper, of the fresh-ground variety

Carolyn said...

Kosher Salt?

That's one of my favorites.

Or my latest discovery Potato Flour?

I am so thrilled that the cookies arrived safe and sound. I couldn't believe they took so long!!! I was hoping to surprise you last Friday or Saturday. But when my Dad got his last night and told me that the ants on his porch got them I was so sad!!!

I am so touched you did a whole post about me. You are one of my closest friends too.

You love me. You really do :)

I needed this tonight. Amazing how one person can change your whole day around :)

You are one of my closest friends too :)

Carolyn said...

Forgot to mention I love the bangs. Cute. Makes you look like you could be dating 20-year-old boys instead of sending them off on missions etc.

Lisa--aka The Gardenweasel said...


Rachel Ricchio said...

i'm gonna take a long shot and say...

sour cream.

i have no idea why. i just felt it. :)

Jessica said...

almond extract
olive oil
those are my guesses

dani-yellie said...

if i don't know what it is, can i still come over & try your amazing cooking that i hear so much about?! the duck eegs sound way cool & i love the bangs btw! can't wait to finally meet you!!!

dk/kh (Kevin) said...

First, I didn't see the chocolate chip cookies. What's up with that?
Second, I know the secret ingredient. All of you are way off, btw. But I am very good at keeping secrets--it helps to to avoid danger. Something to think about.

Debbie said...

Look at you miss beautiful with a pinch of sassy. Love that pic.

I dont think I've ever tried duck eggs but I have had fresh chicken eggs. I know that isn't quite as unique but it's something right?

Does your secret ingredient go in ALL of your things or just many? I'm gonna guess bread crumbs, no that wouldn't work well in a lot of stuff. How about hydrogenated oil--I know thats in a lot of stuff these days. No wait, thats just nasty. It's probably something exotic right? Could I find it at my grocery store? Ok my real guess is coconut.

Isn't it so wonderful to get mail? I love it too. It just doesn't happen enough these days. Well of the fun good variety, junk/bills don't count obviously. I think I may look into getting a snail mail pen pal.

The She-wolf said...

I know the secret ingredient. =D It's ....------ there's a hint it has 6 letters in it.

Cherie said...

This is what makes blogging so fun! I also have found many kindred spirits, souls sisters, call them what you will but I say "friends" from blogging. It is wonderful!
I did not even know you could use duck eggs to cook with. Cool!
I would guess your secret ingredient is maybe something just as intangible as Love - Do you sing while you cook? :D

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

Very cute post! I also LOVE Carolyn and have sampled those fabulous cookies! You should be in business Carolyn - I think you got something going there:)

Hmmm . . . secret ingredient . . . if I were a secret ingredient, what would I be?

cream of tartar, salad supreme, St.Johns wort, and Duct tape - with them you can do just about anything!