Thursday, July 2, 2009

The One With the Sweet and Sour

Today was not a bad day. What’s the expression? Any landing you can walk away from is a good landing? Yeah, it was that kind of day. But there were some good points.

Sweet: Moroni Chapter 10 in our family scripture reading. What does that even mean? It means we finished the Book of Mormon again today, as a family! That is pretty sweet.

Sour: I made 280 twice-baked potatoes. Ew, ew, ew. That is all I have to say about that. Well, and thank you to Cambria for scooping them all. But I still don’t want to look at another russet for a very long time.

Sweet: I don’t have to look at another russet for a very long time, because my friend Janis came over and picked up the last 40 pounds, and she is going to make the other 150.

Sour: Did you hear that Michael Jackson died? Oh no! (jk… first of all, I am not quite that behind the times, and secondly, sorry Michael, but it is probably a mercy).

Sweet: I finished one more song.

Sour: I am stuck on the next one. And I seem to undergo a crisis of faith (in myself, mostly) about every other day. I should really get over that.

Sweet: One of my fav returned missionaries called. He is awesome.

I will end on that sweet one, but I should reiterate what a bad idea it is to make 280 twice-baked potatoes at one time. It is right up there with buying sushi from a strip mall. Or letting your toddler crawl into bed with you without a diaper on. Answering the phone on Sunday morning. Need I continue?


Debbie said...

Glad to hear you survived the day. I enjoyed the sweet/sour idea.

Way to go on finishing another song and good luck with the next. Oh and just so you know, I think you're fabulous and amazing.

(LOVE that last part, all are so true!)

Carolyn said...

How about a a sweet and sour twice baked potato?


Hope today is all sweet for you.

Jamie said...

Ugh! That's a lot of potatoes! A lot! Congrats on finishing a song. You'll work out the next one, don't worry. I will send you some sweet vibes today. :)

McD Three said...

Your list of bad ideas at the end made me crack up. What was your experience with strip mall sushi?

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

I'll remember . . . just in case someday I'm inspired to think I can make 280 twice baked potatoes. (Sounds just like something I'd attempt:)

Love the "sweet" and the "sour"!


Jan said...

That is double the work to do the twice thing. It's more like 560 potatoes.

Good luck with the song and have a great 4th Victoria. I hope to email you back this weekend. Thanks so much.

Michael Jackson died? Are you kidding me :) lol.

Cindy said...

That's a LOT of potatoes! What are they for? Who are you catering this weekend? Hope you don't have to do any more for a while at least!

I'll bet they taste pretty darn good though, coming from your kitchen.

Cherie said...

Wow that is a few 2x baked potatoes! What was the occasion dare I ask? Please tell me you did not eat them all too! ha ha

I love the sweet and sour - We all have that on a daily basis don't we!

Hope this Sunday is Sweet!