Monday, August 31, 2009

The One Where She Explains it All

Having posted two songs last week, I could probably call it Music Week. If that is true, then this week is going to be Food Week. I’m going to try to post a recipe most every day. If you have some requests, please let me know. I think I have some old requests that I need to honor. The picture here is from the blog Tartelette, which I look at just to admire the beautiful tiny desserts. I almost never am dying to actually eat the desserts pictured, let alone actually make one. But this one… it has been calling me. I have gone back and looked at it about six times. Even when I thought that was actually ribbon on top. Then I read and found out it was pulled sugar, and now I really can’t stop thinking about it.

So, Food Week. But first I have to take care of business. Sad But True left me ten questions to answer, and I can’t just leave that hanging over my head. So here goes…

1. Your husband calls. He is on his way home with unexpected company. What do you make for dinner? Answer: My fall-back is homemade pizzas, where everyone gets to make their own. I have a gorgeous Williams Sonoma eight-piece bowl set that all fits together, and I put different ingredients in each. My personal favorite is shrimp, pesto, fresh tomatoes and pine nuts. The kids like pepperoni or barbecue chicken. I will post that as my first recipe tomorrow.

2. You are stuck on a deserted island with everything you need but internet and reading material. What books do you wish you had taken along? Answer: Book(s) plural? Sweet. Okay, definitely Pride and Prejudice. Little Women. Angle of Repose. Princess Academy. Seventh Son, Alvin Journeyman and Enchantment, by Orson Scott Card. Shadow Spinner, The Count of Monte Cristo, My Antonia, The Little Prince, Sense and Sensibility, the 7th Harry Potter Book (I have to see how it ends (again), Where the Red Fern Grows, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Scarlet Pimpernel… I have to stop. There are too many.

3. You have to add a new color to your wardrobe. What are you thinking of trying this fall? Answer: What’s wrong with black, again??? Okay, if I have to choose, I’m definitely feeling purple.

4. It will be your husband's birthday this Saturday. What would you like to get him for under $100? New clothes to wear on date night that were not purchased at Costco.

5. Tell me about your favorite teacher and why he/she is your favorite. Answer: Miss Olsen, in the sixth grade. She totally got me.

6. Soft or crispy pb cookies? Answer: Always soft.

7. If you could eat dinner with five famous people, who are dead, who would you pick and why? Answer: Five of them? First, Dan Fogelberg. He is the musical entertainment. Anne Frank, whom I love, and who definitely deserves a good meal. Joseph Smith, also because I love him. Robert Jordan (that is his pen name), so he can tell me what was supposed to be in his final book sequel before his untimely death. And last one... hmm. Gabriel Dante Rossetti. I would get him to paint us.

8. You are on a plane with the Brady Bunch when it crashes in a remote part of the Andes. Who do you eat first? Answer: That’s an easy one. Marcia. I would like to say it is because she is selfish and self-absorbed. But maybe I just can’t take the competition.

9. Jack Purcells or Chucks? Answer: I’m going to refrain from Googling here, and just admit my ignorance now. I don’t know what either are. I’m going to guess they are sports-related and imagine they are shoes, or golf clubs or something.

10. What is your favorite scripture? Answer: That changes all the time. For today I’m going to go with a favorite story about Jesus. Luke 7:36-50.


Marilyn McCormick said...

Excited for food week - always need a good recipes. I love homemade pizza Yum!!

Carolyn said...

I needed some new books to read. I have read everything on your list except three: Angle of REpose, Princess academy, and Shadow Spinner.

I am reaching for my library card now!

(And about the desert, be careful with the pulled sugar. You can get some pretty wicked burns that way.)

Rachel Ricchio said...

hahaha. victoria. jack purcells are shoes that i LOVE wearing and evering in OC wears them. i couldn't help but laugh in class at the anne frank comment. AND, don't you love tartelette? omg, that woman is spectacular. makes me want to become a food stylist!

Cherie said...

Loved all your answers but I had a special little giggle for #4. My husband seems to have a fondness for Costco clothes too!?

Victoria said...

@Carolyn... I have been picking off the scabs from the burns I got two weeks ago sugaring pecans for a wedding reception. I also can't make flan without some battle wounds... I won't be pulling any 400-degree sugar this week.

sad but true said...

Man, that Sad but True is a genius. What great questions.

Victoria: Chucks and Jack's.. Think sexually ambiguous footwear.

Victoria said...

Yes, I should have known they were Converse shoes... bicurious at the least, Lemon.

Tyler said...

You know almost half of your sons wear chucks, the all black, high top kind.

And the White ones, too.

sad but true said...


Cindy said...

Can't wait for food week! Loving the one a day posts, too. Keep it up!

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

Hee hee - what is it with the husbands and the Costco clothes! I should be grateful I suppose of he probably wouldn't be wearing anything at all :)

Love the books - we have very similiar taste! In fact I think I would love to be stranded on a dessert island with those books for a week :)


Aleta said...

I have a request - anything diabetic friendly and easy to cook?