Saturday, August 15, 2009

The One Where She Screamed and Held On For Dear Life

Even Ethan asked me last night, “Mom, where have you been for the last month?” The answer: I’ve been on a rollercoaster. The same one y’all are on. I know you are… you don’t even have to tell me. How are you enjoying the ride? I’m usually really good on rollercoasters; I’ve never had a weak stomach. But this time I found myself on the low end a few times, and a little disoriented. But it’s all part of the ride. Here are some scenes from my rollercoaster summer:

Spending way too much time staring at the computer:

Taking some fun photographs of fun people... love these guys. Check out their band at Sad But True.

Hanging out in my sister’s backyard in Salem, Utah. Hers is the backyard that all backyards wish they could be. This was taken right before the mother of all barbecues, which was followed by a weird cross between frisbee, football and skeet shooting (don’t ask me how to explain that better), and then that night over the pond... the best, closest, and scariest fireworks EVER.

Did I mention, camping at one of the most beautiful places I’ve been: Glacier National Park in Montana.

Blowing in the wind:

Hanging out with some favorite people:

Throwing rocks at stuff:

Catching a few winks (best line from Twilight: “I like to watch you sleep.”)

Starting a bug collection (thank you, Montana). Seriously... you know you can click on any of my photos to see them full-size... click on this one if you want to be really grossed out:)

Hanging out with my adorable grandson, Jif... and his very cute mom and dad.

Watching DK be a grandpa:

And finding a little time in between to play games with my peeps.

All in all, not a bad way to spend a summer. How is yours going?


Lisa--aka The Gardenweasel said...

Just once I want an entire post of pictures where you look as terrible as i do (when I am trying NOT to look terrible).

Just once.

Tyler said...

I thought the jif pictures were mean. Mainly because he is not here, but rather there.

Carolyn said...

I am so familiar with that ride. It's good to here from you. It looks like there have been a few highs in between the lows.

Cindy said...

Thank You!

Could Jif be ANY cuter???!!!

Cherie said...

Victoria I am loving your rollercoaster!
You've been enjoying life and doing some really great things with your family this summer, which is awesome!
I have been to Glacier once a few years ago and I have to agree that it is truly one of the jewels of this earth - stunning scenery!
Oh man your grandson is a cutie - I cannot wait to join that club I tell you - Can't wait!!

P.S. Thanks for the offer. My son IS in Provo and had one other offer of a couch also, but said he is kind of enjoying camping for a few days - go figure?!

Debbie said...

I can't believe you were in Salem, I could have waved to you! :)

My summer has been so super busy too. I've been home for 5 days now and it's the longest so far since June. Woah. Is your fall going to be a little slower? You always seem to have a lot though. You are a super woman/super mom!

Victoria said...

Debbie... you're in Salem... my sister lives on the pond. Love it there. I always tell myself that after *fill in the blank* things will slow down. Someday it actually might, and then I will probably hate it. But for now, tomorrow I am taking dinner to a lady who is having a baby, and staying with a friend whose mother is dying, and then Friday I am catering a reception for 500. So it is not slowing down THIS week. But it is all part of the fun, right???