Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The One With the Old-School iPod

I know, I know. I have been a really poor blogger this summer. I am repenting. A post a day, for the next week. That is my pledge. So... this Wassily Kandinsky print hangs over the computer in my office/studio. It is from 1925, and is entitled “Yellow, Red, Blue.” Why? Anyone’s guess, people.

I do a lot of pondering while I sit at my computer and work on music. I have always liked this particular painting, but over the last few months, I have realized that it has a lot of familiar, comforting things about it. I see an old-school iPod Nano (I used to have one in that very color) sitting in a dock on a pedestal, two Rubik’s Cubes, chopsticks, most of a solar system, a question mark, stairs, an X-acto knife, a flag, cat’s whiskers, musical staff and a blue moon. What do you see? And what is hanging in your special place?

Note: The X-acto knife was invented in the 1930’s... Rubik’s Cube in 1974, and the iPod... well, you know. Do you suppose they all owe a little something to old Wassily?


Carolyn said...

I took all my photos down in an effort to make my house 'show worthy' it is very uninteresting.

I'm sure if I stared at that painting long enough something would come to me.

When I was a kid we had the 'How do I love thee' poem framed in the bathroom. I can't tell you how many times I pondered love while sitting on the potty.


Victoria said...

@Carolyn... funnily enough, when I decorated my upstairs bathroom a couple of years ago, I put up a print over the toilet. It was a Brian Kershisnik sketch that I found very amusing... it was a dog, and a thought bubble. He was thinking a lot of nonsense. I liked the story that went with it, and I just thought the sketch was fun. Well, one of the missionaries (who is rather art-phobic, and who shall remain nameless--haha!) was very freaked out by it, and he took it down, and replaced it with a photograph of the San Diego Temple that he found in the closet. I was personally much more freaked out by a temple over the toilet, but that is just me... TMI?

McD Three said...

You are one of my all time favorite people. I am so glad you are back to posting. Love you!!!

Tyler said...

yellow red blue, because mostly we are taught to read left to right

Cherie said...

I like the picture. I can see all of those things and I also see a chess board and some chopsticks (it's almost dinner time - ha ha).

I have all my favorite things above my computer. A picture of myself and my two daughters, 2 photo books of my family, my Mickey Ears with my name sewn on the back, all of these with some other sentimental stuff on a long black shelf that I like which is hung on my red wall! I feel warm and happy here. My husband calls it the cave but it is my favorite place.

I will have to come back to your most recent post because I read too much so I've got to think on that a moment :D

Cherie said...

OK I just re-read that and it sounded a bit stuck up or something. The first thing I said the picture of myself and my two daughters - that is one picture - a picture of the 3 of us together at Brittany's wedding! ha Ha I do not randomly plaster the walls with pictures of myself - ha ha!

Debbie said...

Interesting about the year. I would have believed some of those things (like the nano) were really in that painting.

Above my desk is my bridal picture, a picture of each of my 3 kids in their blessing outfits and a family picture. However this is also the corner of my living room. I wonder what I'd have if it were my office. I long for an office of my own!
Welcome back! Missed ya.