Thursday, January 21, 2010

The One Where Everyone Was Here

Ethan almost didn’t make it home for Christmas... his flight was scheduled out of Washington, D.C., and all of the flights from there were canceled. So they put him on a flight to Newark, where they parked him on the floor for the night, and the next day he managed to find a flight to LAX. So we only had him for two days... but for those two days, everyone was home. It was crazy and fun, and did I mention crazy? {Click on any of the photos to view them large}

Random Vacation facts:
On Christmas Eve the kids got ready to bake the sugar cookies by preheating the ovens, where I had two full batches of orange rolls rising in plastic bowls covered by kitchen towels. Need I say more?

Skippy got a tattoo kit in his Christmas stocking (I’m not going to lie... Santa is a little edgy at times) and surprised us by charging all of the young adults who are always hanging out at our house 19 cents per tattoo, and turned a tidy little profit for himself. He now has $28.76 in his money jar.

Everyone entertained themselves by trying to get Jif to walk several steps. He would only perform if the reward offered was electronics, such as a cell phone. I myself have decided not to budge for anything less than a new iPhone. So far it is not working well for me.

Josh got straight A’s his first semester at UCLA Law School, with the exception of a single A-, which has bruised his ego enough that this week I was finally able to beat him at online Scrabble.

Ethan told me over the phone that he had gained 40 pounds since basic training. I didn’t believe him... until he arrived. He fell asleep on the couch in a jet-lag-induced stupor, and it took four boys to carry his Marine body up the stairs without throwing him into a fireman-carry.

Josh and Jessi came over to the dark side, and sacrificed their anti-video-game vows on the altar of Rock Band for X-Box 360. It was at once sad and entertaining.

There are many more random facts... but you have places to go and people to see. I am going to work on my New Year’s resolution. Exercise? you ask... no. I am striving to make the perfect donut. There are so many recipes in the world:)


Kristin said...

Oh! Look at that precious above all things! Family! and little JIF is way to adorable with his grandmama. You are a lucky woman! I find myself thoroughly entertained by Rock Band, I'm sure I burn a few calories from rolling on the floor laughing. (sadly, though, probably not enough:)

Sounds like a wonderful holiday!


Joy For Your Journey said...

What fun family pictures!! Very cute. It sounds like everyone had a great time. Good luck on that donut recipe!

howard17 said...

I volunteer to judge the donut recipe results!

Shewinn8 said...

What a beautiful family! You can see the love in every frame. I LOVED the tattoo story. Santa really has it going on to give a present like that. Too fun! I am thinking about doing that picture a day challenge (obviously starting a little late) but I am scared...what do you think? Since I will NEVER keep a journal I am thinking that it will help somehow to make me feel better. Wanna do it with me?

Momza said...

Family time is better than anything else on the planet!!!

Rachel Ricchio said...

HAHAHA. so funny that you want to make the perfect donut because i want to do the same!!! williams-sonoma now sells a donut cutter and i have been itching at making some that blow krispy out of the water! love donuts! it's hard when you're allergic to milk though!

Victoria said...

Haha, Rachel! I was sorta kinda kidding about it being a resolution. I mean, you can't have a New Year's resolution that involves consuming MORE fried foods. But that said, I found a “Krispy Kreme” donut recipe on Recipezaar, and also a pumpkin cake donut recipe on Food Network that are the ones I am currently eyeing. I will let you know how they go...

Cherie said...

Victoria those are awesome pic's of all the kids! I especially love all the group ones like the very first one!!

It is absolutely THE BEST when they are all home!!! I love all the tidbits and fun things you shared with us!

You have a great family!!!

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

What fun pictures, and how great to have everyone at home at the same time.

Uhm....plastic your long did that take to clean up? Or did ya'll catch it pretty quick?