Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Mother’s Day One

This is how I have spent the last two weeks.... and it was a great two weeks. I got to take photos of some really cool people, and I love the song Garry and I wrote together. My biggest frustration, however, came after I completed the video. The video, which looks amazing on my big screen and sounds wonderful on my great speakers (do yourself a favor and listen to this once with HEADPHONES and you will hear a whole new world!) was not translating well to YouTube. I wanted it to be available in HD, and despite trying about 15 times with the last video, and about five more with this one, I was having no luck.

Suddenly this morning when I had already given up and told Garry to just post this on our Archangel Records Facebook page, I stumbled across a comment buried deep within an unrelated question on an old YouTube help forum. It stated that even though YouTube accepts MOV format (the Apple Quicktime movie standard) that I had to use a certain compression, with a certain number of databits per second, and check a particular box. Why no one could just TELL ME THAT... I have no idea. I suppose this had become a matter of my not inconsiderable pride that I was supposed to be good at computer stuff, and this was eluding me. But no longer, and so you should really watch it in HD... instead of watching it here, click and go watch it on YouTube, full-screen HD. Yahoo!

I hope you will not only watch this, but then share it with your mother. Your mother-in-law. Your daughters. Please share it on your blog. On your Facebook page. Hope you love it. Hope it makes you cry. That, as always, is the goal. Happy happy Mother’s Day!!!


Garden of Egan said...

Thanks for sharing.

JustJules said...

Well, as far as I am concerned, you should have a million comments on this one! Once again, beautiful and perfect! Thanks to you both!!

Happy Mother's Day Victoria


Kerstin Miller said...

love it! hope your mother's day was wonderful!