Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The One With the Short Playlist

Today is a music day. Okay, so... every day is pretty much a music day around here. But today I just felt like I wanted to listen to some music. Are these my favorite songs? No, but they are five songs I have been listening to this morning:

1. Any Other World by MIKA. This song makes me want to play the cello. I will settle for writing something for cello, since I know a fabulous cellist who is always kind enough to come record. But... love the song. I also love the kind of choir-ish sound when in the middle. I also like listening to this with my good speakers and hearing the sound drift back and forth between the speakers... the Wall of Sound.

2. Awake My Soul by Mumford and Sons. Yummy yummy yummy. Song for a rainy day. Mumford and Sons random fact: they are a bit literary and occasionally borrow a lyric from Shakespeare. So one day in an interview, Mumford was quoted thusly: “You can rip off Shakespeare all you like; no lawyer’s going to call you up on that one.” True, that.

3. Cold Hearted by Zac Brown Band. Because I love love love Zac Brown’s voice. He can sing to me any time. Every time. And today there actually it is a little chilly.

4. Rhythm of Love by Plain White Ts. Despite the fact that I have almost ruined this song by using it as a ringtone and an alarm wake-up song.

5. Little House by the The Fray. Not because of the lyrics. But the music is awesome. It starts out all nice, and then about 30 seconds in, it starts taking itself a little seriously. But in a good way.

Hmm. No female artists. Go figure.


sad but true said...

all so good! YES! I love someone with good taste in music! Well, taste that matches my own.

Try Elbow's The Night Will Always Win


Kristin said...

Love The Fray and Plain White T's - thanks for the suggestions!