Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The One With the Steep Learning Curve

Yesterday I found out just exactly how very not smart I am. It only took a piece of software (granted, a very large piece) to reveal my mental inadequacy. Logic Studio has two manuals. One is 700 pages, and the other is 1040 pages. As learning curves go, this one is Mt. Everest. But I am starting to get it. The program is still mocking me...and no, my microphone is not sufficient to capture Rachel’s amazing vocals... I am going to get better at this, I promise, but in the meantime, I have made a passable attempt at recording my latest. Want to know the how and why? See my Sunday post a week and a half ago, in which talk about the song and my friend Janna, for whom I wrote it. If you like it, please send me a little love (and any spare brain cells) by commenting on this post.

*Update: As of today, Monday, April 13, I am on page 800 in the 1040-pg. manual! I have highlighted and post-it-noted up the whole thing, and I think I have figured out some stuff...looking forward to fixing up this recording this week:)

{I am hesitant to put this one in, because a) it was recorded before I got a good mic... listen to Evening Lullaby for a quality comparison! It is huge. b) I have some big plans for this one... melody and accompaniment changes. It is going to be BEAUTIFUL. But the words are particularly meaningful to me, so until then, here it is.}

My Life
(for Janna)

What if one day you woke up
And the life you knew was gone?
Trust betrayed,
Alone, afraid
All you relied upon.

I thought that I was living
My life in such a way
That hurt and sin
Could never win, and
Pain would never stay.

Is this my life?
All this hurt and broken dreams
Where is the plan?
Why is nothing as it seems?
Is this my life?
How did I get here?
How can I get back again?

Looking through the ruin of the life I used to love
I see pieces of the girl I used to be.
Heavenly Father, if you're listening,
Please help me find my way.
Show me just a glimpse of what life holds for me...

Is this my life?
All this hurt and broken dreams
Where is the plan?
Why is nothing as it seems?
Is this my life?
How did I get here?
How can I get back again?

Kneeling in the darkness,
I can't hear a single sound.
My eyes are searching,
But they cannot see.
Then suddenly the Spirit whispers to my broken heart,
“Jesus suffered even this, for thee.”

Then glowing in the darkness
I can see his plan for me.
Like jewels that glitter brightly
For as far as I can see.

I can leave the dark behind me
As I feel the rush of days
Making strength of every weakness...
Turning anguish into praise.

This is my life
This is where I'm meant to be.
The road is hard,
But I wouldn’t change a thing
This is my life
His precious gift
And it's beautiful to me.

This is my life
This is where I’m meant to be.
The road is hard
But I wouldn’t change a thing
This is my life
His precious gift…

This is my life
This is my life
This is my life…
And it is beautiful to me.


The family said...

I LOOOOOOVE this - YOU are amazing!

Raechal said...

victoria, you are so talented (and so is rachel)! love this. and what was the song Tandy sang at the baptism the other night, it was beautiful, but a little hard to hear the words. Is that a new one too?

Victoria said...

Rachel...the song from the baptism is "The Gate," which you can listen to on here with Elder Pfile singing it.

Jamie said...

What can I say?...absolutely beautiful...

Amy said...

I loved it...beautiful..hopeful...
thank you.

linds said...

THAT is AMAZING :) I love it!!!!!

Janna Bell said...

Of course, I love it! So good to hear it with the vocals. I again can't thank you enough for capturing my feelings and thoughts and turning them into a beautiful song. It came at the perfect time I was in the final stages of the divorce. Thank you so much!!!

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

Oh! I soooo soooo sooo LOVE it! It is beautiful, and the words are beautiful and so meaningful. It really does touch my heart, thank you for going through all the torture to share it with us.


Catherine said...

Victoria, I'm so glad I found your wonderful blog (from FB)! I love the recipes, the music, the stories, everything! This song brought tears to my eyes. LOVE it - love Rachel's beautiful voice. Catherine Hurlbert - just over the mountains from ya'll!

Carolyn said...

What a priceless talent! Beautiful.

linds said...

I keep listening to it on repeat fyi

Lisa--aka The Gardenweasel said...

my favorite Vicky song of all time.

The family said...

come check out my blog today (wink)

Cherie said...

This is truly beautiful. Love it!

Lisa--aka The Gardenweasel said...

when are you writing a rock tune or a more contemporary christian band song? I want guitars and drums.....something we could really get rocking to in my living room.

Jan the crazy lady said...

You are so good. I am in the comment blog of a pure talented lady I see. I am honored. Wow.

Thanks for sharing your talent too.

Lisa--aka The Gardenweasel said...

finished reading?

Victoria said...

Almost finished reading the manual. I worked on the song some. If you play the mp3 again, you can hear some differences. I made it faster. It takes a whole minute less time to listen to it, now.

Debbie said...

Found your blog through MMB and stopped by to check it out. I am totally a follower now. Great blog! I love that song you posted. Amazing talents! I love that I was blessed with the talent of appreciating music because I certainly could never do what you do. SO beautiful.

Also good luck with the software. My hubby is a computer savvy guy so I know what it feels like to feel a little inadequate for the first few trials with new software.

SavvyGirl said...

This is beautiful -- my friend Nan L. forwarded your site to me as she knows I have been asked to give a talk in our church next week on Adversity. I appreciate hearing your song -- it's wonderful. You have an amazing gift.

Victoria said...

I just replaced the song with the edited arrangement. AND I am buying a new microphone this week. Even if I have to sell some blood. Actually they probably don't want my blood. Maybe I'll sell Skippy:) Or keep Skippy and sell Cambria. That would make Skippy happy.