Saturday, November 8, 2008

The One Where She Gives In

Ok, I just had to do it. One little Christmas song. It is one of my favorite ones I've done. There was this cool experience Rachel and I had performing this at MV High School about three years ago. The night of the Christmas concert we did this song, Evening Lullaby, and when it ended, there was dead silence for about three heartbeats, and then the whole theater went crazy. We left the stage, and they wouldn't stop cheering until we went back out for another bow.

I got a call from the music director just a couple of months ago, and he asked about that song. He said that of all the music they have ever done there over the past twenty years, that one gave him the most amazing feeling when he heard it. I know it's not even the middle of November yet, but here's a little Christmas spirit just the same.
{This song is included on my Christmas CD. You can read more about it here.}

Evening Lullaby

They traveled far along the dusty way
To reach Bethlehem by close of day.
Come Joseph, hasten down the winding road.
Bring your donkey with its precious load.

As they entered through the city gate
Shadows fell; the hour was growing late
Then in the purple of a falling night
Shown a brand-new star in glory bright.

Who will share a room, a loaf of bread?
Where will Mary lay her weary head?
A tiny manger in a stable bare
Will be the cradle for her baby fair.

Come, shepherds, watch and wonder at the sight.
Find the stable bathed in holy light.
Enter softly; see the babe foretold
By prophets far and near since days of old.

Baby Jesus, now it’s time to sleep.
Close you eyes; angels their watch will keep.
And when you wake the night will fade to gray
Then you will smile upon a brand-new day.

Oh, and by the way, this beautiful painting, "Be It Unto Me" by Liz Lemon Swindle was the premiere image in an amazing series of paintings about the life of Jesus Christ. It is one of my very favorites, and hangs just inside my front door year-round. I love it. The missionaries told me they thought I chose it because it looks like me:) Now do you see why I like them so much?


Lisa said...

I'm glad you posted it. More music is better than less...unless it is "I Kissed a Girl.:

Rachel Ricchio said...

i will NEVER forget that experience for as long as i live. you are so inspired victoria!

Lisa said...

Rachel.....please keep singing. You are amazing. I also have an 11-year-old that would love to sing with you or take a lesson when you are back in CA.

Lisa said...

Okay, it has been like 12 hours. Haven't you written a new song, an aria, or even a sonnet......can't I get something to read or listen to here!?!