Thursday, November 20, 2008

The One With the Bum Picture

Yes, this is my rear end. It's a long story, but I sat in wet stucco. I know, huh? I'm driving hundreds of miles in a car, so how did I sit in wet stucco? It is not my fault. Skippy actually tricked me. I'm not going to talk about it anymore. These were my most comfortable jeans.

You still haven't figured out where I was with guitar-shaped pool? Hmm. I'll give you a big hint. It has a Spanish-sounding name. That should narrow it down.

So I have been playing car tag with this old couple for the last hundred miles. Grandma is driving, which is a sure sign that I should give them a wide berth. Oh, and they're both wearing those giant wraparound sunglasses--you know the kind--they are post-eye-surgery glasses, guaranteed to screen out every last unwanted ray. Every time they pass me, they turn to stare, and then look at each other. I can almost hear the conversation. "GLADYS, we keep going by the same people. Are you sure we're not lost? We must be going around in circles!" Yes, Grandpa, you do keep going by the same people. But it's just me, playing a cruel trick on you. Psyching you out with my cruise control.


Lisa said...

Do they have that cool bar across the back seat of their car?

I told my parents they cannot have that clothes bar across the back seat. It is too lame. I mean, if you are retired you have enough time to iron. Old people are so lame these days.

Maybe they are in a "winding down phase?"

Lisa said...


Man, you are making friends. Give that trucker/old person with funky eye wear some bread!

I need to go watch some Cinemax and get that horrible sight out of my head.

Your butt looks great, btw. Don't throw away those jeans...just the mental image of some strange trucker taking a picture of your butt is disturbing.

Or is it?

Lisa said...

Maybe Cruise Control is your secret power? I think mine is commenting

Black Lakes said...

I demand bread. Lisa is da greatest
I have to agree with her on AND I QUOTE,"WHO TOOK THE PICTURE OF YOUR BUTT?! I can't wait for you and Liam to get here.:P I <3 ur blog

Black Lakes said...


Lisa said...

You don't really have a butt as much as your lower back and the back of your thighs meet. We could call it your lower baigh or your upper thick.

Pete said...

All this talk about the picture of your butt is completely asinine!


Victoria said...

Wow, Pete... I've only talked to you twice, and both times it has been about the same thing:) The first time I chalked it up to Lisa's bad influence, but now...hmmm.