Saturday, November 1, 2008

The One Where Vic Writes a Song

I am trying to write and record more music. I thought this would be a fun way to let people hear what I have been working on. This song is called “The Gate.” I recorded it with one of our missionaries, Elder Garry Pfile.

The Gate

I am just a wayward child
I wander in paths that wind
Through dark and danger.
There is one who calls me
To walk in the way of truth and love.

But I am not alone.
The Savior lights my way,
Leads me through the narrow gate
To everlasting day.

I am not the only one
To struggle in unbelief,
To blindly roam.
Jesus bids me find his sheep
For to lead them safely back home.

Lost, but we are not alone
The Savior lights our way.
Leads us through the narrow gate
To everlasting day.

Few there be that find the gate;
For narrow is the road.
I will walk the path that’s strait,
Then he’ll welcome me into his fold.

Lost, but I am not alone.
The Savior lights my way.
Leads me through the narrow gate
To everlasting day.

I am found,
I’m freed from worldly cares,
The Savior lights my way.
Leads me through the narrow gate
To everlasting day.


shelby owens said...

Sister Mcdaniel i love this song! You are so talented and im so happy you're my laurels teacher! :)

~ Jamie ~ said...

I miss that guy. He was an amazing missionary & just a sweet guy. Amazing song!!!

Lisa said...

Have you heard from Elder Romo?

Wendy said...

What a beautiful song! The music and lyrics are awesome! Elder Phile sang it so beautifully...what a great memory you've helped him make on his mission.

Janna Bell said...

I love my brother too! The song is great.

Lisa said...

I love Elder Romo, too. Man, this is a great song and he did a great job. When is he released?

Lisa said...

I just wish I could read the words, too.

Wishing...just wishing....

Lisa said...

This would be an awesome song at a baptism

Kevin and Brooke said...

Victoria, what wonderful work to be doing. Garry is my husband's younger brother and it's wonderful to see him connected to your work. I look forward to hearing more from you, keep the music coming, it's beautiful. Brooke Pfile

Janna Bell said...

Loved the picture of Garry and love the song!!

JESSICA said...

I love Garry Pfile too! Hi! My name is jessica Vaughan. Garry is one of my best friends and has been since we were young. I am so proud of him! He has always had an amazing voice and is indeed a sweet guy! Glad to have found your blog!

Karen said...

Your songs are truly amazing. Your son Ethan is a friend of mine, and showed me this site. Keep writing, your songs are inspirational. :)

Whitters said...

Your songs are amazing. I'm a friend of Garry's and i'm glad i found your blog. You do amazing work. I love all the songs that you have written so far. you are such an inspiration. i hope you continue to write