Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The One Where Goes She Goes Off On Safari

Two weeks ago I took my sweet little laptop to the Apple store because Safari, the internet browser, would not work. E-mail, check. iTunes, check. Internet browser, FAIL. They tried re-installing programs, re-installing the system, and those didn't work. So they replaced the internal hard disk. They said that would solve the problem. So on Monday morning I picked it up right when they opened. I brought it home, opened it up, and there was a welcome 36 different languages. Velkommen to your new hard disk... that was a very, very bad sign. It meant there was nothing on the hard disk. No data whatsoever. I'm not going to lie...I actually cried. DK was standing by, and he immediately called the Apple store, and miracle of miracles, they had all my data. We took the computer right back there. They said it would probably take about three hours to put it all back.

It didn't. It took 48 hours, and even at that, they were not able to put back the programs, just the data files. I was okay with that, since they saved my files. So this morning I brought the computer home, opened it up, and guess what doesn't work? SAFARI! What did I just go through this for the last two weeks for? The original problem is STILL THERE!!! (Sorry about the exclamation points. Let's just say that with all the frustration, I've fallen off the wagon).

Without any internet browser, I didn't even have a way to download an alternate internet browser like Mozilla Firefox or Netscape. I did finally come up with a plan. I asked DK/KH to e-mail me the installation program. It was 17 megabytes, and I didn't think it would even e-mail, but about 30 minutes later, there it was in my e-mail...and guess what! It worked. I am browsing... in Firefox. I don't particularly like it, but at least I am online. I am going to have to psych myself up for another round with Apple before long, but for this weekend at least, I am OFF Safari, and on to greener pastures.

And I didn't even have to go get a hobo finger. Hobo fingers are actually a little hard to come by this time of year. Hobos are better fed around the holidays, and the mortality rate drops slightly. I know... hobo fingers... pretty random, right? This is one of my favorite posts from the Bloggess... check it out.


Della Hill said...

Computer problems suck.
I didn't spend a thousand bucks on a computer so it could mess up and stress me out.
For a solid stack it should not have any problem, ever.
Good problem solving though.
(And excellent use of exclamation marks!)

Glass Mannequin said...

Mom, you're amazing. I LOVE your blog.

How come you've never written me a song?


Glass Mannequin said...

I'm TRYING to love Firefox. How come it won't let me use the back button???? I get what you mean about the whole tabs thing... but if you navigate to a new page, there is no tab AND the back button is not highlighted. In Safari, that would mean it had opened a new window, and if you close the current one, the one you left is behind it. Not so with Mozilla. Do I need to fire Firefox?

Victoria said...

Oops...that wasn't Glass. It was me.

Rachel Ricchio said...

hmmm.....let me think about it....YES, I AM IN. I'm already getting excited and ready to get to work.

Victoria said...

Rachel, OK, so I am SO excited. I am buying a new iMac computer with lots of memory, plus Logic Studio, and I'm turning my downstairs bedroom into a recording room, and we are going to rock it!

Lisa said...

I love Firefox and I can go back with the backbutton. It does everything as nifty as Safari but with added fun. It must be your bad computer mojo

Lisa said...

You know, you have had four days off. I would think you could write something. I am beginning to doubt your blogging prowess.

Lisa said...

Didn't your profile used to say, "Quality, not quantity?"

did you decide to go for lameness in abundance?

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Don't get too excited about the hobo fingers just yet. I've been using one for the last week and it doesn't work at all. Also, I suspect that it's actually a plastic finger Victor cut off the CPR doll because it's not decomposing at all. Or maybe he's just awesome at mummifying hobo mummy fingers. I don't give him nearly enough credit.