Thursday, November 6, 2008

The One With Tyler vs. the Mammoni

In Italy, they call them "Mammoni," which translated means "mamas' boys." It is a cultural phenomenon, wherein men in their 30s and 40s, with disposable income, girlfriends, high-powered careers...still live at home where they can be cared for by their mothers. In fact, in Italy, the average age for a man to move out of his mama's home... is 36 years! This is no joke...Google mammoni, and you will see what I'm talking about.

Here in the McD home, we have started our own trend...let's call it "Mormoni"... whereby we send our men out of the home by the time they are 19 years of age. In order to prepare my men for this early (by Italian standards) transition, by the time they are twelve, they are usually able to do their own laundry, complete the grocery shopping, change a tire, cook a wide variety of dishes and give a decent foot massage (that last one is not really necessary, but I really like it).

Take Tyler, for example. Tyler is 21, and has been living on his own for about three years now. Tyler is at BYU, majoring in Youth Leadership and Recreation Management (something that he did on the amateur level at home for several years). He plays guitar, sings, cooks, bakes bread every week, rides a bike to school, hikes, and has seriously awesome hair (no, I'm not kidding about the hair. It is great). He knows how to install a ceiling fan, fix leaky faucets and replace door hardware. He can change a diaper, clean a toilet, put up Christmas lights and draw amazing illustrations. He is an Eagle Scout, and has even ridden in a Nascar.

So I put it to you...Tyler? or the Mammoni? 


Lisa said...

Can you get his hair insured?

Victoria said...

Should probably look into it. That's actually perfect...I didn't know what to get him for Christmas!

McD Three said...

That should be in the classified section of the newspaper.

Kevin said...

Did you notice the nest in the picture of the italian man? It is il nido materno the maternal nest.