Sunday, November 2, 2008

Did you see...The One Where No One Set the Clocks Back?

Sorry, I didn't get the memo. Daylight Savings insidious government conspiracy, that. I got my family up an hour earlier than they had to be on Fast Sunday. For goodness' sake, go read your scriptures or something! It is not the end of the world. It's not like an hour from now, we won't still be sitting in the car waiting for someone to find his shoes.

I have had a request for more songs. I will probably only put one up every few days, but I have a fun one for today. We have been missing Cambria, who is visiting with her Grandma this month. So in honor of the "demon child," here is "Perfect Day," a song she sang for her daddy. I wrote this when she was only seven years old. So here's a way to use up five minutes of that extra hour...

Perfect Day

Daddy, fly me to Africa
Buy me a Jeep
And we’ll drive through the Kalahari.
We’ll tame a young lion and teach him to sit
And he’ll sleep at our feet in the grass
Yes, he’ll sleep at our feet in the grass.

Then we’re off to the ballpark
To play in the game.
We will wave to our hollering fans.
Dad, you’ll be on second and I’ll bring ya’ home
When I hit it right out of the park,
Yes, I’ll hit it right out of the park.

We’ll go to our island to lie on the sand.
We’ll have mangoes and coconut milk.
Then I’ll teach you to surf and catch fish with our hands
And we’ll build a huge fort in the trees
Yes, we’ll build a huge fort in the trees.

Then we’ll board a big ship and we’ll sail out to sea.
I’ll be captain and you my first mate.
We will fight off the pirates and swim with a shark
And discover a brand-new country,
Yes, discover a brand-new country.

And when the sun sets we’ll be sailing for home.
Mom will see our ship at the front door.
She’ll say “Shake out that sand before you come in,”
And “That lion stays in the backyard.”
“Yes, that lion stays in the backyard.”

Then you’ll read me a story and tuck me in bed.
You’ll kiss me and turn out the light.
Then you better sleep too, ‘cause you’ll need all your strength
When tomorrow we do it again.
Dad, tomorrow we’ll do it again.
Yes, tomorrow we’ll do it again.


Lisa said...

yeah, I messed up, too.

~ Jamie ~ said...

Ha, ha! I totally forgot until my 10 year old niece reminded me last night. Phew!

Love the song! What a cute little voice Cambria had. I haven't heard her sing in a while.

Fawn said...

I still LOVE this song! When, just when, are you going to publish a CD so we can have all your wonderful music in one place?? Love your blog!