Thursday, November 20, 2008

The One With the Roadtrip, Part 3

Yes, I have arrived. It is wet here, and really beautiful with all the fall leaves that we don't get in Orange County. Thank you for joining me on the trip. It was very memorable. It is interesting to snap pictures, upload them, find Wi-Fi almost anywhere that has a little girls' room, and blog in minutes. Weird, right? Thanks to Lisa for loaning me the laptop-o-saurus, since she is right and apparently I need to get a hobo finger to operate mine, as I have killed it for about the third time this year. Thanks to Jamie for making a valiant attempt to out-comment Lisa. While it was a futile attempt, it was strangely touching.

I think I need to clear up one thing. First of all, the "truck driver" who took the bum picture was actually Skippy. And no, he is not going to need therapy because he had to take a picture of Mommy's butt; I asked him to take a picture of Mommy's whole back, and then I cropped the rear for the blog. I actually did not become overly familiar with any fellow travelers, except maybe Gladys and her husband (whom I hope safely reached their destination several hours ago, since they were clearly not equipped to drive in the dark). God Speed, Marty and Gladys!


Lisa said...

I am so glad you got there safely and finally blogged again. I was getting desperate and fidgety. I felt like Jeff whatever (that guy that was in Grease and Taxi) on Dr. Drew's Celebrity Rehab. I need a fix.

You still never explained what happened to your pants. How did you sit in stucco and what did Skippy have to do with it?

I just had a monster 1.5 hour VTing with Sally. It was long but Sally liked it, I think. She is funny and she lent me a book--bonus!

How is Cam? How is Mom?

Write more!

I will be until 3...gag.

OH EDWARD.......

Lisa said...

We considered fasting and praying for Gladys and her bespectacled husband but then we went to Rubys and promptly forgot about them.

Maybe they are playing hide and go seek like we did when we were really little. We just covered our eyes and figured everyone else disappeared. Gladys and Mr. Gladys are afraid of traffic, so they don their magical glasses and it is clear sailing.