Monday, June 1, 2009

The One Where You Can Actually Tell Them Apart

Hmm... seems like this may turn into Video Week.

This week Ethan faces his final challenge of United States Marine Corps. Recruit Training, which is called the Crucible. After that 72-hour test, he will be a Marine. Today they posted this video. It is just footage from their platoon photo shoot, but the photographer runs by each of the recruits, and this time it is easy to pick Ethan out. Cambria says, “Oh yeah, he is the one with the serious expression and the big ears!” I’m sure Ethan will appreciate that recognition. It doesn’t exactly narrow it down. He is actually on the third row down, and as they pan from the right, he is the eighth one in; seventh when they pan from the left. (Yeah, the one with the serious expression and the big ears.)


Lisa--aka The Gardenweasel said...

I am not sure I would have recognized him without the many directions.

Really! Ethan is not really a serious kid......he's always smiling. It is odd to see him without hair, too.

Kasey said...

Wow, can't recognize the kid

Jan the crazy lady said...

That is something. I am laughing at lisa in the saying Ethan looks different without hair. Men can so do that better than we can. No fair.

Cherie said...

I am thinking it is neat that you can have this video - cool!

The Amoah-Boadi Family said...

wow! thanks for letting us know exactly where he was..they all look the didn't know he was joining.
It looks intense!! the Sargent guy doesn't look like he's messing around!!
oh and Lil Sherry liked their chant! good booty shaking music!! lol

Victoria said...

Amanda, you and Sherry crack me up! I think you are right... from what Ethan has said, the Sergeant guy is NOT MESSING AROUND:)