Thursday, June 4, 2009

The One Where She Is Grounded

I am grounded. It is a punishment my parents didn’t utilize much. Or at all, really. I think they realized that it was like punishment for them. Maybe they couldn’t get me out of the house to begin with. Either that or I was really good and never needed punishing. (Yeah, that’s the ticket) Anyway, I’m making up for their oversight right now. I have been neglecting something important. Something I am passionate about. My songs. Under construction. I need to write three more songs in the next five weeks. So I am going to power through some composing this weekend. Lyrics, here I come. (I’m psyching myself up… can you tell?) I can do this.

From what am I grounded, you ask? (ooh... beautiful grammar) The Blog, of course. My comfy Welcome Mat. I’m not allowed back until I get the lyrics written for one song. I have already grounded myself from the TV, my favorite books… food… I’ve tried to ground myself from my responsibilities, but darn them, they keep following me wherever I go. So really, all that is left is the blog. My last refuge. My home away from home, right in the comfort of my own home. My little bloggity-blog, with my blog-alicious friends. My favorite time-sucking pastime. So close, but just out of my reach. There’s a little tear in my eye, right now.

Just to prove that I’m punishing myself, and not you, I’m posting a little love for you here, in the form of this mp3. Let’s call it “Wait For Me.” Oh! Another little tear… maybe I’ll stay up all night.


JUST ME, THE MOM said...

We'll be right here, just waiting for those lyrics to get written. Bravo for you! You can do it! Think what a great feeling that will be :)


Carolyn said...

Maybe I should join you and work on my book for a while.

Cherie said...

Good luck on your lyrics! I know how it is when things are pressing :D

Jan the crazy lady said...

I wish you nothing but beautiful music flowing out of that beautiful head. Good luck and can't wait to see more talent from you.

Lisa--aka The Gardenweasel said...

have fun! I know you'll love it when you get into it. I am off to spend the day and evening with all of my diminutive friends. Should be a long night (with me in dirty clothes, too).

I think you need a song about standing. I love that idea in the scriptures. Read about how often they say stand....or stranger in a strange land (cool image). Okay, I am not helping.

Jamie said...

miss you. when are you ungrounded?