Saturday, March 28, 2009

Day Four: The One in Which She Dared to Dream, or Welcome to the Inner Sanctum

So I woke up this morning (admittedly, at a shockingly late time of the morning) and thought to myself, I know what I want to photograph today! Usually, I would prefer to photograph people. But today I can pull inspiration from my environment. The only problem is… and it is a big one…I may have to make a couple of clean spots in order to do it.

I wanted to photograph a couple of favorite things in my home. And then it struck me: What if I actually made my bed today? Wait wait wait wait wait what if I washed the sheets and then made the bed? What a concept. And then, incredibly, I made it happen. Dare to dream, people…dare to dream.

A few of DK's favorite things:

Along with some of mine...

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Della Hill said...

This definietly qualifies as art.