Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The One Where the Grass Was Greener On Someone Else’s Ranch

I want to be Pioneer Woman. At the very least, she and I should be best friends. It is true…I dream of Ree Drummond’s life on the ranch. I would really like to go and chop some wood right now. Or milk a cow. Marinate some flank steak. Step in something. Ride out to check the back forty. Unfortunately, it’s not going to happen today. Well, you never know…I could probably step in something. But I am in Orange County. Here we have two seasons: spring and summer. We have the only tree for miles around that changes colors in the fall, and people always seem so surprised by it. Um, did you notice that your tree is turning red, and the leaves are falling off?

But enough wishing for what I cannot have. Her blog is not really about living on a ranch. It is about having a beautiful life. I admire the way PW takes photos of everyday things, and calls it art. I can do that. It is free fun. So I am issuing myself a challenge. Every day this week I am going to photograph something I think is beautiful, post it and call it art. I already know what my first entry has to be… you can look for it later tonight. Anyone have any suggestions for the rest of the week?


Jan the crazy lady said...

I love Ree too. I wish we could all lead a ranch life like that. So dreamy. But I bet smelly at times. All those cows :)

That is a great idea Victoria. I love pictures of just one thing sometimes. Like a little shot of something in your home that just pops out that you hadn't taken notice of before.

Have fun with all your new creations in photo.

Lisa--aka The Gardenweasel said...


your piano

the spring flowers by the freeways


your new computer

skippy's face when you pick him up from Kindergarten.

Your extra boys

the one son you don't have to worry about.

~ Jamie ~ said...

I can't wait to see your art! You are an amazing photographer so, I have high expectations! No pressure! :)

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

I'm inspired by PW also (don't really aspire to her lifestyle exactly - I'm more of a Martha Stewart wannabe - ha!) but do love love love her blog and photography. I mooned over her dog and calf photos also - who could resist? lovely lovely lovely.