Thursday, March 26, 2009

Entry Number Two: The One Where Mom Went to Her Happy Place

It’s me, Cam…and I get to do a guest post today. I took pictures of my mom in her happy place. Her happy place is in this little triangle between her piano keyboard and her computer. She loves the computer so much she would probably marry it, if she wasn’t already married. Now, for the photos du jour: I took them, and then my mom and I fixed them up in Photoshop. We didn’t take out the wrinkles or the gray hair, though…heh heh heh… click on the photos to see them GIGANTIC and you can see. What we did do was play with the lighting a little bit…it is pretty dark in my mom’s happy place. AND on one of the photos, we did my favorite thing, which is called desaturating. We took the color down by 90%. But I wanted my mom’s eyes to stay blue, so she selected them first and only desaturated the rest of the photo. Cool, right?

My mom’s eyes are pretty freaky, you know. First of all, sometimes they look blue…sometimes green…and sometimes gray, sorta like mine. You can’t spell chameleon without Cam. Even weirder: they can see right inside of you. She always knows when one of us kids is doing something wrong. She can also see problems very clearly. People are always asking her for advice about things, because she can see right to the heart of the matter. She doesn’t need glasses or anything, either. She can read the tiniest print ever. I told you…freaky eyes.

The other thing in the pictures that you should pay attention to are her hands. She thinks he hands are kind of ugly. But anyone I know will tell you that they make the best food in the world, no contest. And when she plays the piano, she is pretty good. I don’t get it, but people always cry when she plays in church. It is not really all that sad…people really ought to just get over it.

Cam’s photo-taking tips: Take a lot lot lot of pictures because: it doesn’t cost any more to take 50 than it does to take three. And because out of 50 photos, there might be three good ones. And you don’t know which ones are going to be the good ones. Don’t center the person’s head in the center of the frame. Position the head at the top of the frame, but don’t cut off the top of it. Try taking some pictures from very close up. That way you can catch all the wrinkles and gray hair… MWA HAH AHHAHA!


Lisa--aka The Gardenweasel said...

cam---you are a genius

Raechal said...

cambria!! you're amazing! these pictures are awesome! I especially love the middle one, and victoria you look beautiful! It could be on your new CD's cover!

McD Three said...

I'm impressed by Cambria's photography skills, her vocabulary, and her ability to write a blog post that is "pretty good."

By the way, mom, I think you play the piano better than "pretty good."

Lisa--aka The Gardenweasel said...

It is nice that your shirt matches your blog background.

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

I love it! And what a wonderful post about your mom. Excellent job:) The photos are the best. I really like what you did with the desaturation and accentuating the blue eyes - gorgeous!

Kristin K

Stefany said...

Please come take pictures of me and make me look as pretty as your mom. PLEEEEASE

Della Hill said...

Great post.
Great pics.
I loved the ones from yesterday too.
And I thought the pics of your grandbaby could also be considered art.

Victoria said...

Thanks, Cam... and HOLY COW... don't look at that close-up one UP CLOSE. It is like one of those awful magnifying mirrors. Those have always scared me half out of my wits.

Amy said...

I love these pictures.
funny blog post too!