Thursday, March 12, 2009

The One With the Easier Week

I’ve been telling myself since about 1985, “Next week is going to be easier. I won’t be so busy, and I will have time to do *fill in the blank*.” When will I ever learn? Last week, as we finished roadshow performances I actually let myself believe that! So of course, this week becomes an exercise in futility, as I run from one unexpected task to the next, while my music software calls me from the other room.

It is okay. I don’t even mind doing the tasks. But there have been a few moments this week…. There was a moment when I considered ways to get Tom Bergeron fired. I know…you don’t even know who that is, right? He is the host of “Dancing With the Stars,” and it was really bugging me that he thought he was so funny. That’s pretty random…but I figure it is a symptom of my frustration. But maybe not…does he really annoy you too?

Then last night I got home from a meeting at 8:40 to find that Dillon had gone to bed, Ethan was working on last-minute eagle scout application stuff, Cambria was who-knows-where…and Skippy was on his knees in a mostly dark family room, silently crying and doing…math. I said, “Skip, what’s the matter?” He burst into full-on sobs, and said, “I am doing my homework all alone!” I looked at it, and said, “Yes, but you’re doing such a good job.” He said, “But I’m ALL ALONE!” He was right. A five-year-old should not have to sit in a dark room and do his homework all alone. That is super sad.

And finally I woke up this morning with a very vivid dream still resonating around my brain. I really wish I could remember all of it, because it definitely could have been made into a movie. But here’s the gist: BYU’s Young Ambassadors (think singing, folk dancing, etc.) are traveling to countries all over the world. I know…it seems innocent. But there is an evil plot. It seems that someone is choosing a couple of their members in each country and setting them up to look as though they have been drinking, doing drugs… being promiscuous… to the point of semi-conciousness or unconsciousness… and they dissapear for 24 hours, and when they reappear they have no recollection of what has happened to them. It turns out (at this juncture I have to admit that I’ve read one too many Robin Cook novels) that they have actually been injected with a horrible, ebola-like airborne virus, which they have now spread to the seamier side of whatever large population they have been visiting. Young Ambassadors on world tour…with the plague in their wake. I don’t know a) why the infected students did not actually contract the virus themselves and die with blood coming from every orifice, or b) what this dream could possibly mean. I would guess that I need to cut back on the TV hours, but honestly, I haven’t caught a single hour of “24” yet this season. So your guess is as good as mine, on both counts.

And I’m going to go out on a limb, here, and say that next week is going to be easier. I won’t be so busy, and I’ll have more time to… yeah, I know, seriously. Who am I kidding?

Disclaimer: The Young Ambassadors do not, to my knowledge, drink, do drugs, or engage in promiscuous behavior. I almost put a link to them here so you could see, but realized it would probably only make it worse. Just remember...only a dream, people.


~ Jamie ~ said...

I do the same thing!!! When will it ever be less busy?!! Roadshow was great, btw! Really fun!

Erika said...

At least you'll be down one child...Thats gotta help!