Monday, May 18, 2009

The One For Whitney and Katherine

This is Whitney

And this is Katherine (pictured on the left)

Whitney is on a nursing internship working in a hospital in Amman, Jordan for the summer… well, until she comes home to marry Morgan in July. She and her fellow interns are mentoring nursing students in a hospital in Amman. Whitney is no doubt the blondest, most beautiful person in Jordan right now.

Katherine is on an internship through her university for the LDS Church Perpetual Education Fund program (which is extremely cool, by the way… if you have never heard of it, click on the link and read!) in Guatemala, teaching career workshops (como conseguir trabajo). Katherine is definitely the tallest, most beautiful person, male or female, in Guatemala right now.

Both women are students at Brigham Young University, and this is how they are spending their summer. I love that! I thought as a little present I would post this goody that I made a couple of years ago. It is a little book of recipes I put together for missionaries, but is suitable for any intrepid traveler. The recipes are generally simple, with few ingredients. You print it out, cut it up and assemble it, and then punch a hole in a corner and put the whole little 4x5-inch book on a clasp-ring. Any of you who want to print it out… it makes a fun gift for a departing missionary. It is made to print double-sided. So print the odd pages first, and then flip the whole stack over and print the even pages (you may have to see how your printer works to decide which way you stick them back in the printer for the second go-round). Then cut the pages into fourths and assemble the book, with the basic cooking instructions in the front. If you do it right, then the two-page recipes print out properly back-to-back.

Have a fun summer, Katherine and Whitney...and let me know if there’s anything you need!


Nan said... are, how cool of you to be so generous with your recipes and so thoughtful to think of Whitney and Katherine in that way. I know Whitney pretty well and she loves food, so you have given her a favorite gift. THANKS!!!!
Whitney's Mom

Jan the crazy lady said...

She is darling. We were just talking about the churchs program. It is so awesome. I am going to start donating more.

Carolyn said...

I hope my little girls grow up to be just like Whitney and Katherine!

(I already told them the only school I'm paying for is BYU. I know. I know. But how else am I going to get them out of small town VA and find cute mormon boys to marry!)

Cherie said...

I think the PEF is such a great program. It has already been so successful.

What a neat post about some special girls in your life. You have a wedding this summer! Woot!

Love the recipe book :D

Victoria said...

Cherie... it is funny you said I have a wedding this summer... Whitney is not my daughter...although that would be lovely. However, I DO have a wedding... and it IS THAT WEDDING... I am catering Whitney and Morgan's wedding... haha!

whitney said...

Thanks Victoria! I am always happy when recipes come my way...especially yours. And your recipes have already made a presence in the Middle East. We made Oatmeal Peanut Butter cookies on our Sabbath (Friday) and the nursing students and instructors couldn't get enough of them!

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

That is such a wonderful thing for these two young ladies to be participating in. It's also something I love most about nursing, there is no end to the service possibilities - I keep dreaming of the day (with my youngest leaving home, it could come sooner than I thought:) when I can head to South America again to work with the people there. It was one of the best times of my life.


Erika said...

K - HELLLLLOOO! Why did I not hear about Morgan getting married? Am I under that large of a rock? Gracious! The Taylors will have to get used to the blondie in the house! Very cute couple!