Sunday, May 3, 2009

The One With My Little Birthday Present

For about the last 22 years, I have thought of this as my birthday present. It’s a little tradition called Fathers and Sons Campout. And for whatever reason…maybe proximity to Mother’s Day…it always falls on my birthday week, or as it does this Saturday, on my birthday. From the time Josh was two, DK has packed up the tents, the s’mores, the hot dog roasters, and any of the boys who met the minimum requirements (more on that later) and left me at home to enjoy a few blissful hours alone in my own house. Well…until after five boys, I had a daughter. But that is okay…we still observe the tradition of making this night all about what I want to do.

I don’t even know how this came about, but DK told the little boys that “they can’t go if they don’t count.” Yes, a little play on words, which he meant quite literally: they had to be able to count to ten aloud in order to go. I used to start in about January, coaching the little ones on their counting. You can do it! One…two…three... I even got a couple of them counting to ten long before they were out of diapers, and fortunately DK was a good sport and took them anyway. It is probably a mark of bad parenting that I even wanted them to go, which you would probably know if you had ever seen a Fathers and Sons Campout. Dads, gotta love ‘em, spend most of their time chewing the fat by the food table, while the little ones are playing in the fire, poking snakes with sticks, peeing in the fire, wandering in the woods, jumping over the fire…yeah, pretty much anything to do with fire. But listen, I had five little boys under eight years old (That is not for the faint of heart...see the captures those days perfectly). Don’t judge me for sacrificing a toddler or two for my mental health. In fact, contrary to causing them harm, I should probably take credit for their amazing math was undoubtedly due to my early number coaching.

With four boys gone, DK is down to two sons with which to enjoy this bonding activity. One of them is so excited that he’s practically hyperventilating. Can you guess which? No? But hey! It’s not about them, anyway. It’s about me! What shall I do? Take Cambria to dinner and a movie? Shopping? DK will take me to Star Trek Saturday night for my birthday, so maybe not the movie? I have to admit, I’m not good at this girl stuff, so help me out here!

By the way, don’t you just adore the pic of DK with the five oldest? Almost makes me wish...


The family said...

I loved that picture! So priceless =0)

Carolyn said...

That is an amazing photo.

As for your weekend. I would curl up with a book and a pint of ben and jerry's but that's just me.

If I were near my sister I would try on shoes and eat fabulous mexican like I did a few weeks ago!

Jan the crazy lady said...

Well don't feel an ounce of guilt if you choose nothing. Sounds wonderful to me.

That is a great photo. Very nice.

Lisa--aka The Gardenweasel said...

Sounds like a chance to hit TKs or Roscoe's for Chicken and Waffles....or the Counter for one of the best hamburgers and then Sprinkles for a cupcake and then the Shake Shack for a date know, the weird food that make the day feel special combined with a roadtrip to make you carsick?

speaking of Trek....word verification: Suloo.......close?

Debbie said...

Take Cambria out to get a fabulous lunch/dinner, rent a few chic flicks and get a nice cozy blanket and spend the day on the couch. Watching movies, talking, playing on the computer, snacking, sleeping.

Cherie said...

The picture is SO stinkin' sweet!
I am totally with you on the Father/Son Campout! Our is 2 weeks away and I am already looking forward to a night of quiet relaxation!!

Have a great time!

Nan said...

Jeff always went as a pseudo father and Whitney and I had girl night. We went out and had pedicures, went to dinner, and then came home to make marshmallow popcorn with m&ms and watch a girly movie (Enchanted, 27 Dresses, Pride and Prejudice, Sound of Music...).
Happy Birthday! Are we the same age?

Victoria said...

Ack~ probably older than you, Nan... turning 45 Saturday...yikes!

Nan said...

same age, same years married...crazy stuff...I never knew we were the same age because you are so much wiser than I...

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

A hot bathtub with a juicy novel comes to mind . . . sounds so heavenly in fact, I may have to go jump in :) I was just thinking about the father & son's this week myself, wondering if I could bribe my almost graduated from college kid (the only male left in state at this point) to come take his DAD, it would make him soooo happy! He loves this type of thing!


Della Hill said...

Do this:
Take your daughter to the salon and get pedicures.
Even if you have never done this and cringe at the idea of anyone else seeing, much less touching your feet, do it anyway. (I promise they have seen worse).
Find one that has massage chairs.
You can usually get a good pedi for about 25 bucks, and often a manicure too for only 10 bucks more. (Cambria will love this).
Then go out to eat somewhere that the boys would never go.
I recommend sushi.
Then go home and watch a video or a movie on pay per view.
Pop popcorn and put m&ms in it.
Yes. Really.
Bring out blankets and pillows for the movie and let Cambria fall asleep on the couch.
Sleep in the next morning and eat toaster strudel for breakfast.
That's some dang good bonding right there.
What ever you do, I hope you have a blast.
Happy birthday too.

Tyler said...

Counting, head leaned backwards, eyes closed over a highway patrol car. I am glad that I got an early start. You also need to find a copy of learning with letters sesame street for skipperdoodles.

d/k said...

News flash. Tyler came home this weekend to surprise his mother (her birthday, his birthday, mother's day). AND he went on Fathers & Sons campout with me Skippy and Dillon.