Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The One With P-Day Tuesday

Do you remember that line in “Toy Story,” where Mrs. Potato says, “I’m packing your Angry Eyes, just in case!”? This picture reminds me of that. Not angry, though. Maybe a teensy bit tired. In the last two weeks, I have had my 25th anniversary, Tyler’s birthday, my birthday and Mother’s Day. I have baked a total of seven large cakes and 30 loaves of bread, stayed up past midnight at least eight times, gave a talk for 35 girls, and made dinner on Sunday for twenty. Two former missionaries that used to live here have come to visit. I helped the missionaries who still live here make and mail a CD for their mothers, I learned how to play Speech Therapy “Go Fish,” and attended a Mother’s Day Tea Party at the kindergarten class. There is much more…I will be merciful and stop.

In that time I have only done two loads of laundry, not once have I made my bed and I am afraid I have been on something like a fourteen-day eating frenzy. The missionaries have something called P-Day once a week. Preparation Day. I really, really need a p-day. So today I am folding laundry. On a made bed. Eating a yogurt. And working on music. There may even be time for...dare I say it?... a nap. No excitement today, please…it has been fun, but now it is done.


Jan the crazy lady said...

Wow Victoria. You sure no how live well.

Carolyn said...

I feel you pain. Enough already! Too bad I have to put my house on the market this weekend.

After that. After that I will rest.

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

Excuse me, I musted have missed something along the way . . . HOW MANY of there are you Victoria? Oh, I guess you forgot to tell us that you ARE wonder woman!

Victoria said...

I know...I have been a crazy person. :( DK makes me practice this line...everyone say it with me, now: "Oh, I WISH I could." I always forget it when I need it.

But all of y'alls do the same thing, you know. (I had to throw in a little Texas since Tyler after talking to my Texas missionary on the phone Sunday). And I get a lot more done when I'm busy:)

Cherie said...

I know from reading your list that you must be exhausted but I cannot help notice that everything you have done have been totally awesome things!! You are a super blessed mom (and a super woman!!).

I love reading about your family and all you do - it is inspiring.

Also, you are gorgeous!! Just goes to show you don't have to have a nanny and a housekeeper to look like a movie star!

Enjoy your nap :D

Jamie said...

Crazy! Your life that is. :)

I have a p-day. It's Mondays. I don't schedule anything on Mondays, I don't answer the phone or go anywhere. There's hardly ever stuff happening on Monday nights since it's FHE, so it's makes it a good day not to have to put on makeup. It's my day to catch up & relax a little. I think you should pick a day...but, you have to stick to it. That's the key.

Small House said...

I sure hope you got that nap. Sounds to me like you need one!!
BUT...very glad to hear that you are helping the missionaries. Makes me teary.

SLOW DOWN...and have a great day.

Victoria said...

Good day. Went to the temple instead of taking the nap. It's all good...

Allie said...

i want to know what it takes to get deleted off off the comments..

is it revealing the state of your closet?

general lameness?

all of the above?

Lisa--aka The Gardenweasel said...

You went without me!!! Man, so much for every week. I guess you are going every week..just not with me!

Victoria said...

I have never deleted someone's comment before...so I don't know what that takes. Other people have deleted their OWN comments, however. Besides, I think I have pretty well revealed the state of my closet by now. The only people that don't know are the relief society. They don't read my blog. So the closet pact still stands. And my having gone to the temple yesterday does not preclude me going again in the same week. Name the day...Allie/GW

Word verification: crowstus. That is an awesome one. It is the Greek God of Iowa farmlands.

Lisa--aka The Gardenweasel said...

Gorling: proper noun, actor on teenage soap opera. Steven Paul Gorling.

Gorling: sport in Eastern Idaho that involves a cow and ice skates

Gorling: infant weasel

Tyler said...

Mom practice it with me... "All Ya'll" ...but yay mom, play that funky music.

jingl??? like a jingl jim, or a junkl joe!!!