Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The One Where She Fit in Perfectly

Today is Jessica’s birthday. Jessi is my perfect daughter-in-law. She really is perfect… I am not kidding! She loves animals, and worked her way through college working at her family’s pet stores. She loves people more, which I think is the way it really ought to work. But she loves Josh...and more recently, Jif, most of all. She waited for Josh while he served his mission in Argentina. During that time she took care of Tyler his freshman year at BYU. She helped him study and took him to have his wisdom teeth pulled. She even managed to talk them into letting her watch. You have to love a girl who isn’t squeamish!

Josh and Jes were married two years ago this June...and then got busy. Jessi graduated from BYU alongside Josh, and she is a Registered Nurse working in pediatrics at Timpanogos Hospital. In January she managed to give birth to a 10 lb., 1 oz. baby boy (my cute grandbaby Jif)… without a c-section… and she is an amazing mother. And she even makes stunning wedding cakes in her spare time!

I wasn’t sure what it would be like to have a daughter-in-law. But not to worry... we got the best one. It seems there was a little place missing in our family, that she fills up perfectly. This was a trip we took to Yellowstone a couple of months after the wedding…and for once Cambria had a sister along. The best part was, she was like a real sister…except maybe for the fighting. Well, and the stealing clothes... and the sibling rivalry. How did we get so lucky? Happy 23rd, Jes!


J1 and J2 said...
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J1 and J2 said...

Aw Thanks! I love being in your family. Thank you so much for the cookie cutters. I LOVE THEM. It will be so fun to decorate with them.

Jan the crazy lady said...

Adored the post Victoria. I love how you love her. What a great blessing that has been added to you family. She seems perfect like you say.

Happy Birthday Jes.

Debbie said...

What a sweet post. It makes such a fabulous difference when you get along with the inlaws. Happy Birthday to Jessica!

Lisa--aka The Gardenweasel said...

I forget she is so young because she is so much wiser than I am.

Also, my kitchen looks GREAT in that photo

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

Best wishes Jessica - sounds like you DO fit right in. Did someone say "wedding cakes"? I happen to be in the market . . . :) Would love more information!


Carolyn said...

I will say it again. I wish you were my MIL.

Jess is one lucky girl/daughter/wife!

Della Hill said...

Hooray and happy birthday!
I love that she fits in so well.
I know from experience that it is a wonderful thing to have a good relationship with your mother in law.

word verification: singstiz
Fitting for you, (at least the first part)

dk/kh (Kevin) said...

Did anyone notice the dead tree to our left in the Yellowstone photo?? Someone even went to lengths to keep it propped up with guidewires. All of that beauty and greenery and then... Dead Tree. Most people probably don't notice it because they are so busy admiring the rainbow.

Victoria said...

Jes, you should give Kristin your info, if you are interested in doing a wedding cake!